The Cornishman

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    Sat in the pub sipping my pint of draught ale,
    The man at the bar doesn''t look quite to scale,
    His forehead is bigger and shinier than anyone you know!
    You put 50p on the pool table,
    And he asks, "Can I have a go?"
    Not wanting to make him mad you agree,
    After pulling out his que you realise he has 6 fingers you see,
    Someone enters the local,
    Intrudes on our game,
    He has one ball left now,
    I have four all the same,
    He speaks to this person who is a stranger to me,
    He tells me it is his mother, sister and aunty,
    All from his family tree!
    I wondered how this could be true but you''ll see,
    This is Cornwall and folks like this happen to be!


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