The Brown years 2007-2017

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    It's certainly true that there would be differences of opinion between inncer city Labour heartlands and Tory Middle England. That said, some people are simply stupid and reactionary and complain about high taxes even when they are not in an income bracket which will be substantially affected by them. This, to a degree, does represent the post-Thatcherite consensus, in which people base their opinions not on their individual situations, but on their aspirations. Studies were conducted in America a couple of years ago on inheritance tax, finding that whilst the majority were barely affected by it, they did not see it as a redistributive measure that might help them, rather they self-identified as middle class (despite being low earners) and opposed inheritance tax because it undermined their unrealistic future aspirations to be amongst the few top earners. In Britain we can see similar trends, which may owe something to the break down of working class solidarity, and the rise of an individualised, service-sector economy, valuing private ownership and personal ambition over public ownership and collective goals....
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    Name one ! I mean have you seen one you like?

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