The Bridge To Terabithia

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by phoenix_indigo, May 3, 2007.

  1. phoenix_indigo

    phoenix_indigo dreadfully real

    Has anyone seen this yet or heard anything about it? I know it comes out tomorrow in the UK but not sure if it was out earlier in the States or something and maybe one of our friends across the pond knows about it.

    I am really curious about this film. I LOVED the book when I was younger. I read it more times than I can remember, but I'm REALLY worried about the film as there's oddles of special FX to make it look all magical based on the kids imagination, and that's all they seem to show in the trailer.

    I'm basically worried that they have taken all the real heart of the story out, all the sad bits, and the tragedy and have just totally turned it into some sort of kids version of a Hollywood Blockbuster.

    So I'm torn. I loved the story and would love to see the film; but I don't want to see it if the guts of the story have been rendered onto the editing room floor.

    So, please respond if you know anything at all. Even if it crushes all my hopes and desires for this film. :)
  2. CrucifiedDreams

    CrucifiedDreams Members

    I've heard the movie is really good, but not much like the book..

    As for me, I am also a HUGE fan of the book, I still read it, even though it's a kids book, I love it. I really have no desire to see the movie. I loved the book, and I want to leave it at that. :)
  3. phoenix_indigo

    phoenix_indigo dreadfully real

    It's that "not much like the book" bit that makes me not want to see it. If it WERE like the book, then I'd definitely be into it.

    I think there was a movie done years ago based on the book. Either that or I'm completely imagining things.

    ... looks at IMDB ...

    evidentally I wasn't hallucinating as there WAS a movie in 1985. a Canadian film in fact.

    My jury is still out on the new one. I might wait till there is a DVD rip and go from there.
  4. J0hn

    J0hn Phantom

    I want to see the film. I had this idea about these types of films. Why don't they pump in some nice fragrance in the cinema to activate every sense? I would like to read the book. Anyone know who the author is?
  5. CrucifiedDreams

    CrucifiedDreams Members

    Katherine Paterson. Keep in mind it is a kids book, but it's fantastic. :)
  6. fountains of nay

    fountains of nay Planet Nayhem!

    The film looks really lame. Not going to waste the fundage on it.
  7. veganvictim

    veganvictim Member

    I took advantage of seeing this on the plane between the US and the UK - it was quite sad (won't ruin it for those who have yet to see it) at a certain point, but generally pretty poor, I wouldn't spend money going to see it but would download it for my kid
  8. I heard it was a complete load of insignificant hollywood shit ! but that was from reading the first post of this thread

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