the bOOk that I HatES the most

Discussion in 'Books' started by Boss--Hog, May 9, 2007.

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    I mus admit am no great lover of boooks. I have a prablem reedin n sometime I need ma speck teckles to sea beyon ma nose. The ather day a parsel arived for ma wife wich I duly opent in case it was a terrirrist attak. Whel Id be deed sharprised to find the ol buzzard went n ordeered a book caled Sears Cat a Log. Thinkin it was abat coogars n trees I fliked my fingers throo the pages n fand it to be the wors literatoor that I evre red in ma life. The only discompensaysion a foun was in the wimens linjerry section witch a tor out n kept four safekeepeen from Ayrayneean terrirrists. Nah ah don know about tyou but ah can bet that I can write a beter cat a log with lower pice$. An I bet that yoo can save a fortoon if yoo order from my hardwear store befour the 4th o July. God bles US of A books. (admeaniestraitor pleese insert that face on the rite playin the vayolin here. )
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    Well, how are we supposed to buy lingerie from the hardware store :tongue:?

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