The booby hatch

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Digger168, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. Digger168

    Digger168 Member

    Here,...the begining of all things.
    Where change is not attached to strings.

    And the strange are rearranged to fit
    into more orderly shapes.

    The sadness I feel is no longer raped by

    Simply fostered by a well tended neglect
    of ambient reality.

    I wear a beggars cape
    With a millionaires heart.

    But at times this visage draws me apart.
    I wish neither to belong,.. nor to seperate from

    A crowd of painfull thought washes through my
    mind like an impatient detergent.

    I do feel loss.........

    Time wasted and emaciated

    It's only when I realize that, no matter how alone
    I may feel,..others feel this too,.................

    is the moment I feel how selfish I have been.

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