the big B, smooth sailing though

Discussion in 'Busted!' started by RebelGray, May 4, 2007.

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    well it finally happened, I’ve been busted. It’s good though, pothead mom and all, you know the deal.

    so anyway, three days ago, after i got through with my sesh, I came in like usually, stashed my shit and all. So I’m sitting there watching cartoons and shit, when i get mad fucking thirsty. So I go in the kitchen and ask my mom if she knew where i put my yoo-hoo. I felt like I was acting normal enough, but no, she looked at me and said, "Take off your sunglasses" so i did, after no preparations, no visine or anything. So then she says, "where have you been?"

    "Just fucking around in the woods"

    "Did you find some mushrooms out there?"

    "Mushrooms? What"

    "or some cow grass?" (wtf)

    "Cow grass? what?"

    then she looked at me and went into the rooms, and i thought, hehe busted! So I went about like normal smoke many more bowls and hit the hay.

    next day, wake-n-bake, school, home, more bowls etc. so then i had me a steam room in the shower, and popped in night at the museum. And once again, "you know, cloudy day, no need for sunglasses"


    Then she just watched me like I was a retard on a school bus. I followed the same routine that night and morning, now she's been fuckin with me a lot. She got me to run into a damn wall for Christ’s sake! Funny shit though...

    but anyways, it's cool now, we've come to a silent agreement, and it feels fantastic. so the moral is, just tell the damn truth! It takes a ton off your shoulders, and kicks paranoia in the ass. Sorry if this is hard to read, I’ve been fucked for going on 72 hours strait. Time to ease up a bit today.

    What’s up with night at the museum? I was pretty far out in bat country when I saw it, and couldn’t see past the cavemen caching on fire

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