the beauty of mexico

Discussion in 'Hip Photos' started by Rar1013, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. Rar1013

    Rar1013 GroovaMama

    here are some photos recently taken from my family's trip to mexico


  2. romaniack

    romaniack Member

    those pictures are really intoxicating...
  3. Spacer

    Spacer 'Enlighten yourself'

    Lovely pictures!! Make me wanna be there right now!
  4. Rar1013

    Rar1013 GroovaMama

    They are very intoxicating...i wish i could just move there..and never look back...........:)
  5. jimi420

    jimi420 Member

    amazing....wish i was there
  6. Spacer

    Spacer 'Enlighten yourself'

    And why don't you!?!?! :D

    TARABELLE on the road less traveled

    nice, must have been awesome to be there then.
  8. Rar1013

    Rar1013 GroovaMama

    it's just impossible at this point in my life.....although it is a goal that I have .. and will accomplish one day :)
  9. loveflower

    loveflower Senior Member

    oooh that second picture is amazing (they all are) :D

    i can almost feel the water :eek:
  10. goldmund

    goldmund Member

    where in mexico is that?
  11. alex714

    alex714 To the Left

    that sunset is amazing

    great pics...they are heavenly
    and ya, where in mexico ???
  12. Rar1013

    Rar1013 GroovaMama

    The photo of the sink hole is somewhere near chichenitza *OLD mayan ruins** which is about 2 hours away from cancun....cancun is where the other photos were taken.. :)
  13. wow, I really like that first one a lot, it is an awesome composition, are they vines?

    mexico is definitely on my destination list, I need to see the ruins and some scenery. looks like you had quite a lot of beautiful things to see during your trip, thanks for sharing.
  14. Rar1013

    Rar1013 GroovaMama

  15. Pa_Hippie124

    Pa_Hippie124 Member

    WOW where in Mexico was these pictures taken ,

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