The Bealtes-as i was told today

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Becknudefck, May 17, 2004.

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    Im in 8th grade and we had to do a 60's research project and give a speech on it. Well, this one (not to be racist) black kid did the bealtes. he didnt talk about them as a band but just told of their lives. Well, here are wuite a few things he did say that i couldnt help but piss in my pants over.

    1. George Harrison married Eric Clapton. As it turns out, he meant to say harrison's ex wife married clapton.

    2. when asked a question about the harrison and clapton marriage, he said " well yea george harrison was so yea." Everyone in the class who was a huge bealtes fan had to correct him on it. soo funny

    3. LUCKY in the sky with diamond

    4. "He had to pay in pounds. Thats LONDON money"

    5. thats John Lennon playing the drums.

    6. When demonstrating his pictures he mixed up george harrison, ringo starr, and paul mccartney.
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    Well, I wouldnt be able to do a paper on NWA, so cut him a break

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