The Beach

Discussion in 'Books' started by beachbum7, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. beachbum7

    beachbum7 Lookin' for any fun

    Has anyone read this book? I just finished reading this book (I wanted to read it because it took place in Thailand, and I went there twice last year). I did not enjoy it. There was a lot of senseless fighting between the characters, and... it wasn't my favorite book. I haven't seen the movie, but hopefully, it's better than the book.
  2. Billy Brown

    Billy Brown Member

    i thought it was an excellent book. i enjoyed witnessing richard slowly inch towards madness as everything about the island began to eat away at him, especially the idea of never getting francoise (a theme which is absolutely raped by the film adaptation). it is somewhat of a long read, which i feel is necessary in order for the reader to get an honest idea of what it is like to have so much time on your hands without truly doing anything--one of the causes of richard's eventual psychosis. definitely not a book for everyone, especially if you begin reading it without really knowing what type of story you're eventually going to get into. please don't bother watching the film.
  3. FreedomRyver

    FreedomRyver Member

    Thats one of the best books I ever read, even read it 3 times. The book is much better than the movie, though the movie is allright. I am actually saving up for a trip to thailand myself.
  4. Oh yeah, i thought it was an awesome book. it really showed the current mind state of even the supposed "free thinkiners" in our culture. I found it interesting that these people were trying to escape their current culture and create a paradise on this island, but they just ended up fighting each other and creating the same negative vibe that they wanted to get away from! I also liked how it threw in lots of Gen X references. Just a really good book in general. I saw the movie first, and enjoyed the idea of the film, so i picked up this book. The book is MUCh different than the film. The book is waaay better. So, if you like the book, watch the film. thats all. peace out.
  5. all_rhodesian_reject

    all_rhodesian_reject Sonskyn Elvis

    I love The Beach, its easily my favourite book...the films a bloody disgrace though

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