The Balavariani - A [Buddist] tale from the Ancient Christian East

Discussion in 'Christianity' started by goldmund, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. goldmund

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    Everyone in the forum should check this book out, you can find it online at

    Incredible book, one of the most popular Christian fictional tales of all time from medieval England to Ethiopia, from France to Armenia, almost every Christian country in the world has a translation of it.

    It is a redaction, an editing, of the Life of Buddha, where the person of Buddha is renamed as a Christian saint. Excellent study on the sharing and blending of even distant cultures. Interesting story too on how it came into Christian lands, probably first in Georgia/Armenia in the 7th c. It had to first pass through Muslim and Manichean (a post(?)gnostic sect) areas, where they rewrote a copies, making it more palatable for Christians. Nevertheless, soon after its arrival in Christian lands, it became "the most popular Christian romance [not in the sexual or romantic sense] novel of all time".
  2. gnrm23

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    "jumpin' jehosephat"

    (as the old saying goes...)
  3. goldmund

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    lol. i didn't even think about that. how funny!

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