The AntiChrist?

Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by Visexual, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. Visexual

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    I remember hearing some of my coworkers saying that Obama was the Antichrist the Wednesday morning at work after the 2008 election.
    And now if you google, 'Trump Antichrist', you'll see site after site indicating he is.
    Well, I believe it's apparent that Obama wasn't and, honestly as much as I hate Trump, he's simply not intelligent. And I would think that an Antichrist would be at least a little intelligent.
    And to have an unintelligent man who has never even read part of a bible, sign them, is just showing how absolutely ignorant his followers are.
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  2. WritersPanic

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    They said the same about Ronald Wilson Reagan (6 letters each!!!!!!).

    Something to consider, the term "AntiChrist" is not used in the book of the Revelation. There is a lot of conflicting text from that time since so little of it was cast to paper until years and even generations after the fact. John of Patmos was exiled by the government of Nero because he wrote bad things about prominent Romans. Didn't matter if they were true. So he wrote some of his lamentations in code and 666 was believed to be Nero.

    There's some possibility that the events of the Revelation have already happened, long ago. While the embellishments of language may seem to align with modern times (a claim that goes back to the 1700s), John wrote in code. It has to be decoded with his language, not ours.

    Trump hasn't been Pol Pot or Mussolini yet. But there's always the second term.
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  3. Ajay0

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    Yeah, exactly. They even said the same about Napoleon Bonaparte.

    Napoleon had his issues with the Pope , and the Pope and his followers seems to have slandered him back as the anti-Christ.

    But Napoleon is also renowned world-wide for his administrative and legal reforms which brought great relief to the masses, and which has been copied in the constitutions of many countries in the world.
  4. Okiefreak

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    Nah. Right church, wrong pew. It's not Trump but his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, whose ownership of the 666 5th Ave. property in New York makes him suspect. Am I joking? Well, yes. I think Nero was the person Revelation had in mind for that role--it being widely believed back then that Nero wasn't rally dead and was about to stage a comeback. But it's become a perennial parlor game to brand one's political opponent as the Antichrist.
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  5. unfocusedanakin

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    The Bible gives a personality type for the anti-Christ. It's not meant to predict a specific person.It's an overused analogy in politics. But, the evangelical love of Trump when he does nothing in in line with Jesus is interesting to me.

    The Bible says this man will take you from Jesus with his charm and greed. He will make you lust for wealth and hate your neighbor. He will want war when there can be peace. He will say he is more important and to follow him not matter what God says. I see all this now.

    Jesus would not build a wall. He would not have hate or arrogance in his heart. Nowhere in the world is a "shit hole" a term Trump uses for other countries since we are all from God and all worthy of love.

    Buddha does not say he is Buddha he only says he is a man and awake.
  6. tumbling.dice

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    No such thing as the anti-Christ. Just some myth created by ignorant shepherd folk.
  7. themnax

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    every fanatacism of every belief is the anti-everything of every belief.

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