The Abuse of the medical marijuana system

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Marijuana' started by continuousbeing, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. medicalbud

    medicalbud Member

    The state knows what its doing!

    Making money at its finest.

    I would not worry if its misuse because state don't care

    More pot sells.
    Doctors make money
    Everyone happy

    BTW at first they shut them all down then reopen with state plan and knew the drawbacks of the plan before hand.

    Thats why the cards is only good for 1 yr unlike when it was a city by city they did 2yr and all of the setup was cheaper

    420 Green Room 1054 Market St
    ACT UP 1884 Market St
    Alternative Herbal Relief Services 442 Haight
    Alternative Patient Caregivers 953 Mission Suite 40
    Alternative Reflief Co-op 1944 Ocean
    Bernal Heights Dispensary 33 29th Street
    CannaMed Care 1211 Sutter
    Compassionate Care Center #1 112 10th St
    Compassionate Care Center #2 194 Church St
    Chronic Candy Submit Adress
    The Despensary 425 S. Van Ness
    The Divinity Tree 958 Geary St.
    Emmalyn's California Cannabis Clinic 1597 Howard St.
    Good Fellows Smoke Shop 473 Haight St
    Grass Roots 1077 Post Street
    The Green Door 843 Howard St
    Growth Unlimited Home Delivery Service
    Happy Days Herbal Relief 607 Divisadero
    Holistic Solutions 722 Columbus Street
    The HopeNet Coop 223 9th St
    Ketama Collective 14 Valencia Street
    Kine2B Home Delivery Service
    Love Shack 502 14th St
    Mason Street Despensary 124 Mason St
    Mr. Nice Guy 174 Valencia Street
    New Remedies Cooperative 1760 Mission St
    Patient and Caregivers Collective 1933 Mission St
    Patient and Caregiver Services of SF 644 Hyde Street
    Patient Place 4811 Geray Blvd
    Purple Heart 1326 Grove Street
    Rainbow Organic Medicine Collective Home Delivery Service
    Re-leaf Herbal Center 2980 21st Street
    SF Patients' Cooperative 350 Divisadero Street
    Sanctuary 669 O'ferrell Street
    Valencia Street Caregivers 208 Valencia St.
    The Vapor Room 609A Haight St
  2. medicalbud

    medicalbud Member

    Gateway my ass, cigs and booze are the first gateways.

    Cigs claims half a million a year

    Booze claims 50,000+ a year.

    Weed no one has ever OD on weed you just cant i am sure allot of us hard time smokers of weed know this.

    Having legal

    Weed already has dropped price

    Made it better for the really sick to go get cheaper stuff that fresher cleaner
    strong and better for lungs.

    Cleaner things like hash,kief,oil

    Allot of GFs never coped weed all the BFs did until clubs now ladies go on own all safe.

    the clubs should be for everyone and its BS that its not.

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