The Abuse of the medical marijuana system

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Marijuana' started by continuousbeing, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. ConcealedCulture

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    And public opinion has been proven to be on the side of legalization, overwelmingly for medicinal use. As long as people were responsible about it there probably wouldn't be much of a negative backlash.
  2. SirTokesAlot

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    Uh Huh
  3. ConcealedCulture

    ConcealedCulture Senior Member

    If you can't understand that then I don't know what else to say.
  4. rangerdanger

    rangerdanger Senior Member

    I think marijuana has many benefits besides the few the feds recognize.
    Millions of people suffer from stress, and marijuana, whether smoked or eaten, is an excellent stress-buster.
    And it's a soporific--it makes you feel good, it elevates your mood. Happy people are generally healthier. And laughter has proven health benefits (ever hear the phrase "laughter is the best medicine"?).

    I know a woman who is generally very pleasant, but every 28 days she goes into a severe rage that lasts for 5 or 6 days.
    She used to take anti-psycotic meds for her condition, until she tried marijuana.
    It mellows her out, is far less expensive (she grows her own) and unlike the chem's she used to take has NO adverse side-effects.
    Society as a whole benefits from marijuna use. People who are high on pot aren't out holding up liquor stores, mugging people, getting into fights, etc.

    I had a discussion with a anti-pot dunderhead a few years back.
    "What about the kids who ditch school to stay home and smoke pot and play video games?"
    I reminded him that, even without access to marijuana, kids ditch school. I used to long befoe I ever smoked pot. And I asked him "accepting that, what would you rather have them do when ditching school and wanting to get high? Sniff glue? Drink booze?" He gets mad whenever I remind him that alcohol is a deadly addictive drug that causes more heath problems than illegal drugs combined, multiplied by 10.
    It's natural and normal for people to want to get high. Not all, but I'd say more than half, at least occasionally. Marijuana is one of the safest ways to do this. So it benefits society's health.

    A few weeks ago 2 teenage girls got together, ditched school and started drinking. Then they decieded to go quad running. The quad overturned and one of the girls was killed. This likely would NOT have happened if the girls had instead smoked pot.

    I really don't see any downside to smoking pot. Smoking pot is not good for the lungs, but I doubt if vaporizing is. Or I should say not nearly as much as smoking it in a bong/joint, etc.

    Anti-potters like to say "medical use is the first step to legalization."
    Well DUH!!! Of course it is. And what's wrong with that?
    Would they like to ban dozens of "accepted" currently legal medicines simply because they have potential for abuse?

    I think marijuana should be available for use as a sleep aid, pain reducer, relaxant and many other reasons.

    Next time you get into a discussion re: mj legalization, ask them if they'd also like to see alcohol made illegal again.

    Currently, one standard arguement by the anit-potters is that marijuana is a "stepping-stone" to more serious drug abuse.
    The only reason why this is so is because marijuana is illegal. Forcing people to deal in the black market if they want pot exposes them to the availability of harmful drugs, something they wouldn't have to do if pot's many benefits was accepted by the gov't.
    I counter these people's claims that pot is a stepping stone by asking them if they are in favor of a law that allowed people to grow it at home for their own use. That way they wouldn't have to deal in the black market.
    But of course they don't want that either.
  5. buffoonman

    buffoonman Senior Member

    Rangerdanger don't get me wrong I agree with a lot of what you say but saying something is worse i.e sniffing glue dosn't mean its ok. I could say I only stole a sweet instead of stealing a car, its not as bad but still wrong. Personally I think you should learn to live without weed first. Don't depend on it. I smoke because I enjoy it but I can also enjoy life without it. I would put an age limit of 16 on smoking and explain that smoking anything can be bad for your health. Just because the government lies about its dangers dosn't mean we should exagerate about its medicinal qualilities. By all means smoke and enjoy it but personally I wouln't claim it to be a cure all. Go to the doctors if you are ill and smoke a spliff to get high.
    I probably won't make any friends saying this, but being an asthmatic I have been told weed is good for this but I now know smoke in your lungs is not healthy at all.
  6. a lot of you guys have seeminlgy missed the point. we dont need lectures on why it should be legal. i stated, up front, that i think it should be. this is about the abuse of the medipot system. that is all.
  7. Well places like Amsterdam and Canada seem to have plenty to go around...Never heard any complaints from sick people over there saying "Damn stoners are smoking all my herb!"...You sir have just been ass raped!
  8. Chatoloco420

    Chatoloco420 Member

    I agree with your statement. As long as the goverment bands it Dr.'s will co-sign it.
  9. ConcealedCulture

    ConcealedCulture Senior Member

    And also what do you mean experiment? It's state law. And highly frowned upon by federal law. There is no experiment, it's a state saying "fuck you, we will regulate our own citizens" to big brother. Do you actually think that if less people "abused" the freedom granted by a compassionate state law, that the feds will suddenly agree with the concept? No. But if more people utilize the state law, they are too overwelmed to enforce their own oppressive laws against a large percentage of the population, thereby being forced to amend policy or de facto legalize. California has the right concept and model for the past decade, they are by far the most progressive movement in the US, and it's doing exactly as it should.
  10. Action_Frank

    Action_Frank Member

    i agree with Tokes.

    No matter how tempting it may be, abusing the medipot system only gives the enemies of cannabis more ammo against it. By obtaining cannabis without a legitimate medical reason you give proof to those who claim the medical cannabis system helps give access to those who wish to smoke recreationally.

    i would hate to see the progress of the medical cannabis system turned back so a few guys, with cards they don't need, can get high.

    also I'm all for civil disobedience but smoking in public will only serve to get you arrested and to give politicians the statistics to say "drug use is up this is no time to be soft on dealers"
  11. ~peace~

    ~peace~ Senior Member

    well said!
  12. SirTokesAlot

    SirTokesAlot Lives

  13. ConcealedCulture

    ConcealedCulture Senior Member

    You go ahead and think that the people should comply with a government that tramples on our inherent human rights as well as constitutional rights, puts good peaceful people in cages, and beg them for your freedom. I am going to say that's not what needs to happen anymore, as it has been the trend for the past 69 years of prohibition. If a person likes cannabis, they should use it knowing they are doing no wrong, and defend what they believe in. What you're seeing in California is an active democratic society. They aren't abusing anything, their law is defined that way. The east coast puritans just can't bring themselves to be so forward thinking.
  14. Action_Frank

    Action_Frank Member

    name calling is not needed. i am not from the east coast I'm from the southwest. (Texas) and no need to insult the east I'm sure eastern coast residents who support Cannabis.

    i am a supporter of Cannabis. I am a supporter of California's policies and the medipot system. But, getting arrested does nothing to help the cause of cancer patents who need cannabis as a medication to help with chemotherapy. if i were to get a card without a legitimate medical reason i am only furthering the argument of those who would See it shut down.

    i feel that we should all fight to end prohibition but endangering the medical supplies of cancer patents is not the way to do it.
  15. ConcealedCulture

    ConcealedCulture Senior Member

    You just don't get it do you. Federal law does not view the law in California as being legitimate. To them, nobody has a medical need to use pot.

    And name calling? Come on now. And for the record I have lived on the east coast for my entire life. So using your logic that my comment was directed at every single person on the east coast, I just insulted myself.
  16. what does this have to do with anything?

    this is not a valid response to the above posited point about abusing the system and doing damage to those who actually need it
  17. Action_Frank

    Action_Frank Member

    condescending much?

    I' feel that trying to get a card without a real reason gives them ammo. i understand that to them there are no real reasons. but in the eyes of the public we would lose the ground that all of our arguments about medical cannabis stand on. public support could make all the difference in the world.
  18. dd3stp233

    dd3stp233 -=--=--=-

    People abuse every prescription drug that they can. It is not limited to medical marijuana. Even Rush Limbaugh was caught abusing prescription painkillers.

    A person can always feel better, so what is a legitimate use for a medicine? To make a person feel better.
  19. TopNotchStoner

    TopNotchStoner Georgia Homegrown

    That should just end the whole argument, right there.
  20. medicalbud

    medicalbud Member

    Clubs are great and I like the program very much

    Since clubs have opened

    Its safer for the sick to get the weed, my friends sick GF hated getting weed on streets or dealer she would not do. She had BF do it. With clubs hes does on her own.

    Its cheaper for same grade or better

    Lower grades are healthier and cleaner than low end street stuff so thats better for everyones lungs.

    I do understand some misuse the program but the state sets it up that way.


    A caretakers card for every case LOL.

    The state knows that card is for the other person they are not stupid.

    They want and get the extra $50 more for a caretakers card.

    So $150 for Doctor off a list + $50 per card thats $100 for 2 cards.

    So in sf its $250 to get a card now can we all say its a new bussiness in SF.

    They list what illness will give you a pot card so its like hey anyone with 250 can be legal in Cal

    Now me

    I been sick since 1999 with chronic left brain pain with no cure insight.

    They put me on last 7yrs

    240 painkillers per month 10mg each

    100 Valiums also 10mg each.

    I smoke bowls and avg 3-4 8th at cost of $45-$50 per month

    I had great stuff all the time before the clubs but cost was $60 to as high as $85 I had seen for a 8th.

    So now I get same or better and if your a person that gos alot they give 4-4.5 as 8th or free brownies once in a while

    Since I got my state ID card I can pay for double the bud than before cut pills down alot

    I am a good case for keeping open

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