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Discussion in 'Movies' started by insanejester, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. insanejester

    insanejester The Answer

    wow i dunno if anyone ever covered this movie before, but it's kickass.... it's like all of the major events of the hippy era are packed into one extremely heartfelt movies..... kickass i must say, simply kickass!
  2. ImmortalDissident

    ImmortalDissident Senior Member

    Well, it sounds.... kickass.
  3. kilted2000

    kilted2000 Member

    It is a good movie although I thought they could have gone into the civil-rights movement more. My favorite part is when they go to Greenich Vilage and look for Dylan. Must have been an amazing time. It always gets me fired up and ready to protest. In one word-Groovy
  4. stranger

    stranger Member

    it really did grab out at my heart during some parts, nearly had me in tears. some parts i think could have been done a little better, like the dude on acid smearing mud all over himself and then attacking that dude... now that i think about it, it WAS the brown acid that was supposedly not so good,
    still a beautiful movie, it really spoke to my heart. when that chick got all fired up after her boyfreind was beaten, and spoke/yelled to the media "i came here to get an education, and boy did we ever, we learned that the same people who run the university only care about one thing, money, and the same disease that has infected this university has infected our entire society!" misquoted a bit, but just the way it all happened, the way she spoke and the emotion, it was art, great stuff.
  5. Acorn

    Acorn Member

    i want to see it. sounds good.
  6. Faerie

    Faerie Peachy

    That was on last night, I love that movie, The 70's isn't bad either. I own them both on DVD. has them.
  7. RFyellow

    RFyellow Member

    I watched about 10 minutes of it on TV last night (if that's the movie you are talking about) and I wasn't impressed. I watched a scene from a protest and all the actors had short hair and were clean shaven, didn't look realistic. Maybe I should have watched more though.
  8. peace6070

    peace6070 Member

    wow before i saw this movie dazed and confused was my favorite. my fav part of the movie is the summer of love festival or any part with katie in it! this is indeed one far out movie!!!!!!those who have not seen it NEED 2!!!

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