The 2016 U.s. Presidential Election Was Hacked

Discussion in 'Conspiracy' started by hotwater, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. themnax

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    voter suppression is the real election fraud.
    yes the dems did some dumb stuff too.

    my problem isn't with who lost, although she still would not have been anywhere near the disaster we now have.
    but how can people be so dense as to not even yet remotely grasp how big a fuck up electing a godfather in chief was and is.

    (the russian people made the same mistake when they got puttah, now we (america) got chump.)

    oil and coal aren't the future. they're the death of the future.
    if there were no more humans on the planet then there were when we started using them,
    that's fine. that would be the no problem these people want to pretend,
    but that's a fantasy, that because we superfiscally appeared to be getting away with something for a few hundred years, that we always would.

    the piper is here at the door to collect, and yes of course neither chump nor 'billery' if you want to call her that, wouldhave couldhave been adiquite,
    but i mean seriously, there are other possibilities then killing ourselves politically,
    which is what we've done, and i'm pretty sure ALMOST everybody realizes this by now.

    a gag order against anyone who's job it was to deal honestly with reality? i mean really?
    that's what with chump we've got.

    welcome to the burning of the library at alexandria egypt 1100 ad.
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    Putin had done the same in Russia as well for many years and probably shared expertise in this regard to business associate Trump who has investments in russia from what I remember reading. This could be the reason why Trump often praises Putin in public, probably to express his heartfelt gratitude.

    Here is an article on Putin's activites in this regard and his role in subverting democracy in russia for many years.

    Another similar trait between these two is their contempt for the media.

    In the U.S., Trump considers the media the opposition, while Putin has effectively censored it in Russia.
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    i hate rapist websites.
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    this seems to be a common trait of the dictatorially inclined (or in the cases of putin and trump, as i'm inclined to speculate, godfathers of organized crime, as both so thoroughly fit that mold.
    the world sort of already knows that about putin, and trump's mob connections are not unknown either.)
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  6. 6-eyed shaman

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    Abe Lincoln never won the popular vote either.
  7. Scratched

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    I'd sooner say the 2012 election was rigged.

    look at the events and corresponding time frame with what happened in Benghazi.

    and that Ron Paul won the CPAC convention in 2008 and 2012, yet was "a non-factor" when he ran.

    and Ron went to bed with a very comfy lead in Iowa in 2012. and woke up and in his own words, "It was all just a dream".
    He supposedly won in six states but didn't get them. Some rook named Rick Santorum came out of nowhere and was winning states instead.

    There is a lot of corruption in DC, I think it's "hillarious" that Hillary lost her sure win. Now the Dems have had their pipe dream. Karma works in mysterious ways.

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