THC Strength Varies Or Not?

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by p0ly, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. p0ly

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    So when you extract the pure THC from Cannabis plants how much would the content vary per weight in strength? Does it, could you honestly have low grade and high grade pure THC? Does THC have different strengths from different plants or is THC content generally just the same and high grade just has a higher % of THC per plant.

    Thanks, never thought about this or seen anything written about it.
  2. NoxiousGas

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    The level of cannabinoids are always measured as a percentage of total weight.

    So with extracting you will get more yield of cannabinoids from higher quality weed than lower quality.
    There are differences in the actual make-up/ratio of the cannabinoids in different strains, hence the differing subjective effects.

    The main deciding factor really is the solvent employed for the extraction.
    What you get concerning high grade or low grade extracts is a combo of the potency of the plant material used and the efficiency of the solvent used to do the extraction.

    Alcohols pull a lot of non-active substances from the plant matter, so it yields a "lower grade" because it also contains a relatively high percentage of non-active substances.

    Butane and super-critical CO2 extraction yield much higher grades because they only pull the essential oils that contain the cannabinoids and not much else. So you get a more potent product.

    Low grade solvent (alcohol) = high yield - low/mid quality
    High grade solvents (butane) = low yield - high quality
  3. p0ly

    p0ly Senior Member

    I'm not sure if you understand me. I'm asking if you take THC using the exact same method from many different types of weed and get the exact same amount of THC crystals (say a gram) would each gram be exactly or almost exactly the same potency?

    Because obviously with drugs like MDMA if you make it perfectly you can come out with 87% pure MDMA. This is the strongest MDMA I believe people know how to synth. But Cannabis grows itself and then you extract it (you can extract it via grinding it through a pollenator grinder). Do different methods of growing and different strains have THC which is weaker or is it the same thing?

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