Discussion in 'Higher Ed' started by ihmurria, Sep 2, 2005.

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    How's your textbook hunt going? I got the rest of mine today, two used and one new. Saved about $45 getting the two used, and I already had my fourth textbook from last year (yay they use the same book for stats I and II), so I only spent around $200.... the least I've ever spent for textbooks hurrah!
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    The guy I'm dating (I guess) just graduated with the same degree that I am currently working towards, so he saved me a bit of money by letting me borrow his books...still...I've spent about three hundred and fifty bucks on texts this semester. Less than normal, that's for sure, but still too much. Grrr!
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    oh man, i hate buying textbooks. I am in my second year of university, and i've luckily only had to buy one textbook this year, but so far i have spent about $1000 on textbooks. Can't even sell the nes i don't use because they're already outdated :(
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    i spent $279 this semester...i was able to get used books for 3 of my classes. my 4th class, i had to buy new and it cost $140...i should have got the book online like the rest of my class is doing for $20....argh, i'm done using the school's bookstore, never again, never!

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