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  1. The gf and I have our eyes set on Colorado. Now it's just figuring out where we want to be. Currently we're looking at the FoCo area and possibly outside of Denver but all options welcome. She's finishing up her nursing degree and well I'm a cook. Our main concern is finding her a good nursing job at a hospital that is high paced and has a popular ICU ward. What are taxes like? Any silly costs to residents of Colorado? Cost of living? Any other things I should know? Well aware of the mj laws so save yourself some time explaining that to me.

    Also any folks in the FoCo area... What are your thoughts on Cheyenne, WY? No income tax sounds great and it's only 45min from FoCo.
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    Taxes can be pretty brutal in Colorado. The first year I lived there, I was in Glendale, so I was paying taxes for federal, state, and city. It is I big, bustling city with lots to do, and the mountains are near by. I was raised in Cheyenne, so I obviously have an emotional attachment to it. There's still a lot of things to do, especially if you're outdoorsy. I know a handful of people that are unemployed in Denver, but I can't really speak for the area as a whole as far as the job market goes. I know the hospital in Cheyenne is ALWAYS looking for nurses. I used to work there in the pharmacy, and while there is your average amount of hospital politics, it is a great place to work with very competitive pay.
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    Be sure to build an Ark before going there.. ;)

    FRUITACO Member

    I live near grand junction (FRUITA) WE have 2 hospitals up here, an I know ST. Marys is alway looking for new people. It's a great place to live if you like outdoor stuff. We have the grand mesa ( Over 200 lakes). We have Powderorn ski area. It's about 30 -45 min from grand junction. I grew up in Arvada and westmenster. Thoes are great areas as well. Lot more people down there. Fruita an grand junction have that smaller town feel. Like Fruita, everybody knows everybody. Anyway good luck where ever you go !
  5. Taxes don't look too bad compared to Minnesota. You have lower income taxes and a much lower base sales tax as ours in Minnesota is 6.875ish... One of the top 5 highest in the nation.

    Can anyone tell me about Denver area? The ol lady is interested in possible employment at the CU hospital in Aurora as well.

    @orison... Already got one for when the Mississippi comes knocking at my door.
  6. Wow 2 people with insight on colorado... Figured there were more heads from there than this...
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    Hey Jokerman,
    I'm here in Denver. I love it. I'd rather be in the mountains, but Denver is close enough for now. I'd say that the city is booming relative to some other big cities, so thats good and bad for new comers, and residents. The nice part is that jobs are getting easier to find, not easy yet, but getting better. For a cook I think it shouldn't be a problem. i have no clue about the Nursing market, but we do have lots and lots of hospitals in town. Check out Denver Craigslist to get an idea about jobs.
    The Downside of the boom is that housing prices are going up. However in my neighborhood anyway there building TONS of new housing units, so that should help the rent prices eventually.
    I'm sure I don't need to tell you about the dispensaries on every corner.
  8. Yeah from my understanding Denver is becoming the new food mecca. Lots of restaurants. Might even consider going to culinary school out there as there's plenty of options for that. Bout 12 different schools in Colorado that covers some sort of culinary degree.

    So how long does it take you to get from metropolis to mountainous? Id like the outdoors to be easily accessible. Not something I gotta sit in a car for two hours to get to.

    Is commuting from Boulder to Denver a valid option? Seeing as Boulder is right along the mountains.
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    East side of Denver/Aurora to Boulder is about 45 min, the way I drive (route and granny habits) El Dorado canyon is just before that, but adding 10 minutes.

    Commuting boulder to Denver is common. Which means traffic. But there is an express bus. Watch the local news online for traffic.
    Listen for "highway 36"

    To Morrison (Red Rocks), 35 or so, depending on route.

    To Manitou Springs, just under an hour, and along the foothills.

    Two hours is Breckenridge without traffic. Or in summer. :)

    Note that the Denver area has Xcel energy. (Since you are from Minn.)

    What do you need vs. want in your community? Arts, schools, nightlife, population, price point for housing, types of outdoor activity access (fishing versus skiing, hunting versus hiking) etc.

    I strongly suggest looking at the City-Data forums. That gets you a lot of viewpoints, and many posters make the absolute jerks of HF look like puppies.
    Plus, they have demographic info, housing costs and such. It's actually helpful.
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    For me, going to the mountains means going to Nederland, a fun little old mining town just east of the divide. Which is about an hour. We live on the north west side of Denver, so that helps in getting out of town.
    I'd rather live under a bridge than commute from Boulder to Denver. The traffic would make me crazy. Unless your commuting at an off time, like many of us foodservice folks do. Boulder is also out of our price range as far as housing goes. My wife does commute to boulder, but she takes the bus.
    Good luck,
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    Have you ever gone to Nederland during Dead Guy Days?
  12. grimjivey

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    I've never been for Frozen Dead Guy Days. I'm going for sure this march thou!

    Hey Mama, I was wanted to respond to your meetup post for this weekend, but I'm working. That and i'm not that much fun. I hope you are having a good time in Denver, on this gorgeous day.
  13. *MAMA*

    *MAMA* Perfectly Imperfect

    It's really fun. Make sure to see the coffin races and the sub zero plunge. It's a shame you're working! And, nonsense, I'm sure you make for great company.
  14. drumminmama

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    I've done the plunge.
    I consider it once in a lifetime...although I've done it in SF, too.
    Warmer there.
  15. *MAMA*

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    You're a brave woman!
  16. drumminmama

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    Not sure if "brave" is quite the word. ;)
    Add that I don't get high, and I don't know what to "credit" with inspiring me to jump into cold water, or f*ckn' freezing water.
  17. *MAMA*

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    Haha, yeah that's not something I would ever do. It was fun to watch though! If I'm in the area for Dead Guy Days next year, I might go check it out again.
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    I am not a big fan of FoCo but allot of people like it. But compared to Denver it is very conservative and small.
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  19. How is the Denver area? Do you really have to watch about where you live there? Or is the bad parts not so bad? My gf would really like to end up at the CU-aurora hospital as it's a learning hospital and she really likes that environment...

    What areas should be avoided?

    I've been looking and posting on city-data but it's a real hit or miss forum when it comes to activity. It has provided some good info though.

    For me it's all about fishing. Trout and anything else that'll take a fly. You don't have to tell me about any of that though. I'm well aware of what's available to me when it comes to fishing. And come next fall. All those trout should be good and we'll back in their old holding areas previous to the flooding.

    The gf did mass transit when she was doing her externship in StL... And I hear Denver area has a very very good transit system.

    The biggest concern I'm having is finding somewhat reasonable rent. Seems like we're looking at at least $800/mo for "cheap" rent. Are there any areas in the Denver area that offers reasonable rent without sacrificing safety?

    Also I know areas of CO are very discriminate of certain dog breeds... Will I have issues with an Old English Bulldog/Lab mix?

    Thank you all for your input. It's appreciated.

    @anakin... Really FoCo is conservative? How so? Is it due to spill over from WY?
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    *MAMA* Perfectly Imperfect

    I would avoid 5 points in Denver.... but I know people who live in that area abd don't mind it. There's a lot of low cost apartments in Glendale. Some people might consider it a shady part of town, but my first apartment was there, and I never had any problems.

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