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Discussion in 'Flashbacks' started by JenLenyn, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. JenLenyn

    JenLenyn Member

    when you guys from the 60s see teenagers today trying to replicate the way you dressed does it make you feel proud, angry, annoyed? I am just wondering because I catch myself dressing like that from the shirt to the long curly hair with a braid and even huge glasses and was wondering how you would perceive a teen looking like that today. Would you think they had no sense of self and were copying the generations before them?
  2. OhSoDreadful

    OhSoDreadful Childish Idealist

    I'm not too fond of anyone replicating anything :p imo whenever possible one should strive to do things in a fresh new way. The 2000's were characterized a lot by people trying to bring back old styles and fads. Bring back originality!
  3. newbie-one

    newbie-one one with the newbiverse

    originality is sooooo passe!
  4. It can get annoying

    GLENGLEN Banned

    I Would Think The Teen Was Striving To Be An Individual, In A Society Full Of

    Sheep Following Sheep...:(.

    Nothing In This Day And Age Hasn't Been Done Before, And That Most Certainly

    Applies To Fashion.

    The Best Advice This Old Fart Can Offer, Is To Be Yourself, Adopt A Style That You

    Think Suits You, And "Screw" The Critics...:2thumbsup:.

    Cheers Glen.
  6. Stillcrazy

    Stillcrazy Member

    We never had the money to dress like that in the 60's. I remember that my clothes were either hand made by myself, or vintage stuff from thrift shops. I remember wearing an original "flapper girl" dress in black lace from the 1920/s, a beaded evening gown from the 1940's, a red silk dressing gown that I modified into a dress from the 1930s. I had a couple of pairs of jeans that I patched and embroidered myself, and I think I remember tie-dying some white tee shirts from the thrift shop. When I lived in Canada, we wore second-hand fur coats from the1940's in the winter.
    The trendy stuff, the paisly bell-bottoms,the factory-made tie-dyes and the big glasses were all expensive boutique stuff that were mostly worn by wannabee hippies in high school. Our clothing was anti-fashion, and by the late sixties, the clothing manufacturers had distilled the essense of the "hippie look",mass-produced it and tried to sell it back to us.
    We invented the Boho Look back in the sixties, in those days it was just anti-consumerism and most of all it was ironic and FUN!!! It's to do with being an original, in thinking for yourself and wearing what you like and can afford. You can still do that today.
  7. nerdysweet

    nerdysweet Member

    The boho look was not invented in the sixties, Stillcrazy. It was invented by the bohemians. A century ago. Just saying. ;)
  8. Daniela

    Daniela Member

    Dare I say, I love the way hipsters dress, especially in my sweet home Chicago. I think they really get fashion and it looks effortless, which is key to looking cool, which is what everyone wants to look like unless you're an idiot and want to look cute. =p. I'm rambling. But yeah.....
  9. As long as they dont draw inspiration from the 80s

    The 80s was just wrong fashion wise

  10. Clothes can be like any other symbol in this world. So if the "60s hippie" clothes help you to identify and allows you to assimulate into your soul the philosophy of love and peace. Then I would be proud to give you all of the clothes in my attic.

    It's cool. Wear the clothes and spread the message of love anyway you can.
  11. Manservant Hecubus

    Manservant Hecubus Master of Funk and Evil

    Fashion is fashion. Nothing is original but it can be fresh.

    Overall, fuck what anybody thinks about what you wear and whom you've drawn inspiration from and that includes snotty old hippies that think being 'the first' to wear something in a certain way makes them above the kids of today. (to old hippies that aren't snotty about clothes - carry on!)
  12. juniehyatt

    juniehyatt Guest

  13. I think if you're worrying about what anyone thinks of the way you dress, you're worrying way too much!
  14. etkearne

    etkearne Resident Pharmacologist

    This is the exact reason (well one of the reasons) that I DON'T dress like a 1960s hippy. I dress in casual professional attire that doesn't look anything different than what a professor would wear (you know, a 'bit' weirder dress style than a corporate executive, but still standard mens attire, just 'unique' combinations of items of clothing).

    I think that if the 2010s hippies are going to form their own movement, they sure as hell better not be COPYING the same movement from 50 years ago! I personally feel that the way I dress (which is far more 'dressy' than most of my 23 y/o peers) actually sets me apart just like the hippies set themselves apart from those who dressed nice back then. Now it is just the opposite- dressing nice is OUT of style, so I dress nice to make my statement that I am NOT a part of the mainstream youth culture. I usually wear (when it isn't hot out...) a button down shirt, untucked, with really plain jeans or plain khakis, and a blazer/sport-coat (usually my trademark suede sport-coat that I give my lectures in at the University I work and study at). It certainly sets me apart, but NOT in the same way that the hippies of the 60s did.

    I highly doubt any of my students (for example) would know by looking at how I dressed that I hold views similar to the hippies. Of course, once someone gets to know me, it becomes obvious what I am about!
  15. Chalcedony

    Chalcedony Guest

    I think it's cool, I was in college back inthe 60's. I didn't overdo the hippie look back then. Good clothes were expensive for me and store bought hippie stuff was not for me.
  16. sanjose

    sanjose Member

    In the 60-70's I threw things together from the goodwill. my sandals came from pier 1 and my sunglasses game from the drugstore $1.99 same place I got a gallon of generic wine/ coupon and clean return.. My furniture came from the thrift stores. I wore a lot of bell bottoms and i got them from the army/navy surplus. I dressed myself and never cared what anyone thought about the way I looked. I worked as a hairstylist in SanJose, Ca. and I believe some of my cllients thought it was a gimmick. HA! Today, I love the dreds, gothic and the kool-aid hair, I love the piercing's.. i love people when they dress in such a way that their personna becomes intertwined with their style. I had a jacket that had every political button of everything I was a part of. I always bought a button. .50...... probably worth a lot more today. I love original and if it is indeed original, it will compliment your personality. I have my ears pierced 6 x per ear and two tattoos from the 70's. I thought 2 tats were a lot. LOL
  17. Zoso_4

    Zoso_4 Member

    If it ain't broke then don't fix it. :)

    I never really got all the hate towards teenagers dressing like hippies. Sure, if they're wearing stuff from an expensive fashion label, then yeah, that's contradictory. No need to judge us all as such though.

    I've got about 3 sets of clothes that I wear all the time, and they could all be described as "hippie". It's cheap, it's durable, it looks good and I can't really afford much more, so what's the problem?

    Would you rather we hijacked the use of the word "hippie" to mean something else? If there is gonna be a new hippie movement then I would want it to be as close to the original movement as possible, while learning from the mistakes of the original movement. Sure, we shoudn't just completely copy it, but we should stick close to the original values.

    Peace and Love :peace:
  18. mustlivelife

    mustlivelife Knows nothing!

    If the people that call themselves "hippies" nowadays are anything to go by, the word hippy has long been distorted. People just flat-out don't understand that shit anymore.

    Whatever teenagers are wearing these days, they are only wearing it because they want to look cool/fit in/their icons choose that style. It's all a load of bullshit. It's an insult to hippies to buy hippy-ish clothes (made in sweatshops in asia AGAINST what hippies would want) and sport it like you're a fucking fashionista. Altogether an extremely brainless and self-serving habit. But what isn't in the culture of youth nowadays?

    Fashion is so useless, it gets me so mad how many people are obsessed with it. IT DOES NOTHING. The human race will never benefit from it. People need to spend a lot more time on the person within.
  19. walsh

    walsh Senior Member

    What's the difference between wearing 60s clothes and listening to 60s music?
  20. Zoso_4

    Zoso_4 Member

    What about those who wear hippie clothes to identify themselves with the movement? I won't argue with you that there are a lot of teenagers who are only wearing the clothes to look cool. But what is wrong with those who understand just what hippies stand for and genuinely believe in it, dressing in a certain way to let people know what they stand for?

    Would you rather we all wore suits?

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