Teachers will be required to train at military bases in summer

Discussion in 'Politics' started by unfocusedanakin, May 26, 2018.

  1. unfocusedanakin

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    I think this will be the next deflection off the gun issue. The pro NRA crowd has really latched onto the arm the teacher approach rather than discuss gun laws. The right in general also seems to not like teachers and believe they do not really work that hard. Like they get summers off and work 6 hour days right? So why do they want more money? I work 8-10 hours a day all year. So what is so bad about expecting them to learn a skill that protects my kids? A skill that is by the very American so why would they have an issue?

    So it seems believable to me that soon the expectation will be some kind of boot camp training with the military over the summer. They can learn how to be small teams like SWAT or SEAL. Because that is the goal when you have "good guys" working together it's hard for bad guys. They will say the teachers will receive a bonus for doing this but the longer it goes on and the more right wing the school district it will slowly become a standard expectation of the job.

    Does this seem like a good idea or possible to anyone else?
  2. MeAgain

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    It would probably be done as in service credits.
    In PA, ACT 48 requires one hundred eighty hours of approved training every five years. One college credit equals thirty ACT 48 hours so you would need two college credits every five years or one hundred eighty ACT 48 hours. Which is thirty six hours every year or four and a half eight hour days a year.
    Usually the school district of employment offers state approved in house training sessions during the summer or on in service days free of charge, but also free of pay.
    You don't get the training, you lose your license.

    But I don't think thirty six hours a year is sufficient for handling a weapon among kids. And that means no time for other training. For example I used to attend workshops on computer programs, school law, discipline, mental health, testing, reading support...etc.

    Also I worry about liability.
  3. ZenKarma

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    I think this is a very bad idea. For so many reasons.

    Apparently schools are already prisons where we lock up our kids to get rid of them during the day.

    So for that reasons armed guards might be necessary, to keep them in. But I still think it is a bad idea. But my thoughts don't count. I don't have children.
  4. fraggle_rock

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    It's an absolutely awful idea.
    As in, really really fucking stupid.
  5. MeAgain

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    Just because you don't have children doesn't mean you don't have a say in the education of children.
    We are all responsible for the future.
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  6. ZenKarma

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    Yes indeed MeAgain, you are correct.

    This morning I saw an impassioned plea from the former head of the education dept. for a boycott of all schools this fall to send a message to the lawmakers who are avoiding this topic. Politicians in America give the whole scene lip service with statements as phony as "thoughts and prayers" while they continue to collect money from PACs and the NRA.

    No other so-called civilized country allows and accepts this level of violence as normal.
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  7. Maccabee

    Maccabee Luke 22:35-38

    What, no link?
  8. unfocusedanakin

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    No link because no one but me thought of it as far as I know. But with videos like this I don't see it as that far off.

  9. MeAgain

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    We had similar "drills" ten years ago. No one running around shooting a fake gun but the police would introduce an adult into the halls holding a cardboard box or just roaming around to see if he would be challenged by teachers and other staff.

    Lock down drills were held several times a year.

    Code One was active shooter outside the building, Code Two was active shooter inside the building.
  10. Maccabee

    Maccabee Luke 22:35-38

    My bad. I thought you were saying that it's halpeming now.
  11. it's a very sad commentary to even pose the idea about teachers being trained in a military sense....terrible
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  12. Piney

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    If Teachers do not want to carry, it should be their choice.

    This might happen in a Red State.

    I would expect extra income to carry on behalf of my employer;

    Perhaps Red State teachers can leverage this for a pay increase.

    Don't see teachers in New Jersey carrying firearms any time soon.
  13. The whole idea that a teacher would EVEN NEED to carry is off the planet
    disturbing. Where has society gone and what has happened to people
    in general.
  14. keylime

    keylime Visitor

    At some point, it might be time to close down the public school system which may be the plan. DeVos and her kind do not use the public school system. It's not for their kind of people. Doing away with the public school system would save the elites precious pennies of their income rather than to be used to educate the kids of the common people.
  15. Okiefreak

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    I'm afraid that's exactly the plan--at least in Oklahoma. The public schools are thought to be controlled by secularists and socialists, so the plan seems to be to divert public funds to private and charter schools, which can be selective in who they let in. Mustn't over-educate the grunts
  16. shygurl170

    shygurl170 Member

    I am a 24 year career teacher——BAD IDEA!
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