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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by oldwolf, May 10, 2004.

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    Arms open wide, Facing the whirlwind

    Not trying to hide, Being vulnerable

    Understanding so elusive at times.

    Love remains, and always will

    Your shields are up, and I accept

    It seems that hurt has drawn you in

    While I sorrow with you, there is naught I can do

    I am still the same as I always was.

    I have not tried to trick or hide,

    Tried to open completely

    Tried not to hurt any, tried to stay open to all

    But I cannot control others minds, nor would want to.

    Each must come to their own, you see

    So I stand aside with my shields still down

    But wonder if you will let yourself see

    Sometimes it's easier to close down than to work it through

    And sometimes we need to go away

    to think things through.

    My love will be here, it will not change

    Though with tears in my eyes and more in my heart,

    my hand stays open to both hold and let go

    I will not close , for that is not my Way.

    One of life's greatest gifts is the power to choose how we will react

    And I choose to go on loving

    and hope you choose the same

    but with understanding,

    my hand stays open to both receive and let go.

    And I accept what ever life brings

    And though some pain I know I will feel

    still on go I throughout it all

    And fight to stay open and true

    and not to defend agaist what others may misconstrue.

    Look in my heart and see for yourself

    I have remained true with all I've said to you

    All I can do is to remain true and stay open and loving

    the rest I'm afraid is up to you

    So I stand with arms open wide and face the whirlwind

    Accepting and loving and open still

    And ever my love goes out to you

    What else would you have me do ?

    To thine own Self be true

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    Absolutely love it!! That's how I feel toward my ex bf....
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    A beautiful response,
    filled with heartfelt inspiration
    and enduring love.

    Thank you for sharing. :)

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