Taught another girl that bare feet are fun

Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by TheGreatShoeScam, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. A few days ago I was with a new girl I met and some other people I forgot what the exactly the conversation was but she said "I hate feet" and I said that is non sense feet are fun. Long story short we played foot rubs and went for a barefoot walk. I like her but she is just a footsie friend for now.

    I am starting to think that maybe people that say they hate feet might say that cause they actually like feet.
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  2. nuspieds

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    Sounds pretty sexy! Having a footsie friend is pretty hot!
  3. Barefoot-boy

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    I don't see how someone could hate feet, but to each their own. I just love feet, they make great playthings! With shoes and socks I feel that a good part of my sensory attributes have been turned off. Life is so much enjoyable in bare feet.
  4. Absolutely ,

    I have taught alot of girls bare feet are fun. Its easy , I just say lets go on a barefoot walk its fun cause it is even if before they think it might not be.

    I am really starting to like this new girl I met for more then just a bare-footing friend. Can't stop thinking about her.
  5. Barefoot-boy

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    You are so lucky. I was always scared shit saying anything about my intense love for feet to any girl for fear of them branding me a weirdo.

    Barefeet are fun! Wish more girls knew that.

  6. I worried it was weird too then I decided not to care. Many women love it when they are told they have nice feet, They spend alot of time and money on polish and skin cream some of them.

    I just tell them I like girl feet and that theirs are nice . Nothing bad ever happens, often the opposite. Its actually easier then telling a girl she has a nice rear end, that I would imagine could be risky as an opening comment on a ladies looks.

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