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  1. phrank

    phrank Member

    Any tantrtic masters here? Is it all that it's cracked up to be?


  2. firelip

    firelip Member

    I make no claim of being a "master", just a practitioner for the last 25 years. And yes,tantric practice and sacred sexuality are definitely worth while! Aspects of tantric practice are certainly already part of your sexual practice if you have a long-term loving partner who is rather open minded and aware.

    Love is the key!

  3. Jimmie

    Jimmie Member

    hello jetBlack im with you a good butt makes a girl, when a girl walks by me i love to luck back at her ass .i often ask myself do the girls mind guys lucking at thear butt , peace man,
  4. Al13n

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  5. FoxeyLady

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    what the hell?
  6. madbeast

    madbeast Member

    dont wanna sound stupid and nieve...but...what is tantra?:&
  7. MusicMan19

    MusicMan19 Music Elitist

    Tantra is a yogic sex exercise meant to extend pleasure over a longer period of time, as well as helping you learn to understand the levels of sexual arousal. It's hard to really be a master of the tantric art, or most of the Eastern arts really.

    I've been doing Tantra for the past 3 years since I realized that I wasn't getting the most out of my sexuality. I was tired of just the same ol' same ol'. I'm okay at it right now. Learning tantra, the idea to learn it, generally comes from that type of thought. You think about how much more you could be getting out of yourself and your partner. Supposedly Sting is a master, I'm not sure how true or not true it is, though.
  8. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    is there a book that I can get like a Tantra for Dummies :D
  9. I need a copy too
  10. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    haha, maybe they will have one with cliff notes too :D
  11. now that would be the bomb!
  12. MusicMan19

    MusicMan19 Music Elitist

    I got a few tantra books off of Amazon, and you'd have to be an idiot not to understand them, so I guess that qualifies as being a dummies book. If you're interested in Tantra you should go there first. The prices are great and there's a large selection.
  13. peacefuljeffrey

    peacefuljeffrey Senior Member

    MusicMan19, would you mind actually explaining what is actually done, or at least what the effect is?

    Is this all that kind of stuff about leaving it in but motionless, or just delaying orgasm even when you get close a bunch of times or something?

  14. MusicMan19

    MusicMan19 Music Elitist

    Well, there are different types of Tantra yoga, but yeah, the latter you mentioned is close to Rasha Tantra. You gauge level 1 sexual stimulation up to level 10. You stop just before orgasm on each higher level. At some point, you get good enough at it to keep yourself at certain levels for longer and longer periods of time. Once you're able to keep yourself at level 9 and 10, you've mastered Rasha Tantra. It's pretty hard not to orgasm after peaking at that level, but the entire point of this exercise is to keep yourself at certain levels and to eliminate the uncomfortable feelings associated with typical high levels of arousal that last for mere seconds for men and mere minutes for women.

    You can also use your mind to achieve orgasm without using your hands, and if you've mastered that former aspect of Rasha Tantra, you're able to extend certain levels of pleasure through the mind without the need for touch, and on the converse, once you're able to guage your levels and bring yourself to whichever sexual level you want, you're able to guage at which level you'd like to be at that moment with your partner, which makes sex last longer as well as making physical touch much more intense. Hypothetically, if you're good enough at it, you can bring yourself to say, level 5, when you don't want to be stimulated to an extreme degree, and then when you're ready to bring it to another level, you can simply mentally bring yourself to that higher level.
  15. madbeast

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    wow, i have no idea what any of this means haha lol but it sounds good to me!!! haha and ty for clearing up what tantra as a whole is :p i may have to get myself a book hehe
  16. firelip

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    Please folks, Tantra is far more than a sex technique! Tantra is a school of thought where you seek unity with the divine or enlightenment through ecstasy. It is the polar opposite of Asceticism which is where one seeks the divine through denial of the body. There are ascetic and tantric dualities within major religions, primarily Buddhist and Vedic traditions, but the concepts are universal.. For example, I believe that the same duality once existed within Christianity and is making a bit of a comeback. In the first century or two after Christ, the Gnostics were a sect of Christianity that differed considerably from the versions we see today. many consider Gnosticism to have been a tantric sect as opposed to the denial of the flesh preached by a lot of the other xtians. But i digress...that is a whole other argument.

    Tantric sex is primarily what interests the TV generation. The typical American slob could care less about unity with God/Goddess...he just wants to boost his ego by thinking he is a better lay. Traditionally, the tantric path to enlightenment was considered valid, but dangerous, since it was easy to loose one's self in the process (ecstasy) and forget the goal (enlightenment or oneness). In my opinion, the only safe and kind way to practice tantric sex is as a pure expression of love. when it is applied to cold physical gratification, we step on to the left handed path!

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  17. Green

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    I really hope you don't wonder why I don't like dumb people.
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  19. sylvanlightning

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    Bright Blessings to you all.
  20. sylvanlightning

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