tankus the henge go out in style

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by chickabean, May 13, 2004.

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    it was tankus the henge's last gig at BRIT last night which is very sad but woweeee...oh my goodness they were so amazing! they performed death of a moth on tuesday and wednesday night at the end of year Music Show and they also got to perform Tohlkas Tmie as that was the song that won the Paul Rich Award. Both nights were totally rocking...jaz broke the gong on Tuesday night and left the keyboard all bloody for the next band thru cutting up his thumb with his, erm... crazy playing!
    tankus were the only band to have pyrotechnics and on the wednesday night they managed to set part of the PA system on fire!! hahahaaaaaaaa...
    rock n roll...:cool:
    tohlkas tmie last night was amazing, the best ive ever heard it....i think luke took some photos so il get jaz to put em up soonly..

    rock on...

    love luchi xxx
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    *sigh* ... missed em again... well just remember ur old fans when ur rich n fameous babe cos i remember you when u were still searching for a and member :p .. then u tripped over cooper (or was it the other way round with him staggering back from a pub:S) lol wel done man... shame i couldnt be there but u know....

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