Talking to other men

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by soaringeagle, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. soaringeagle

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    hmmm could be an obsessive freak?
    could be protective of you
    could be hes not as attached as he claims
    could be hes concerned about the type or frequency of the guys u flirt with
    could be many things
    but if hes a freind
    why are you asking us & not him?
  2. Lorna

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    Ak! yeah! thats the definit eternal answer: why dont you ask the first concerned??
    seems obvious, but i think it must be a national or global disease.
    Cause nobody seems to be doing it, but all ask for someone to tell them to do so.

    They should make big adds everywhere saying: If oyu got soemthing you want to ask about, ask it the the first one concerned, not to the internet, not to the martians, not to your grand mother, not to your priest, not to your beloeved gourou, not to the circus artists, not to the stars, not to the cards, just go to the guy or girl and say, "hey, you, I 'll like to know something or to tell you something, want a coffee? want to greeze the whell around a cup of tea? Me too! Lets talk!"
    (I never tried, cause there si no wheels on my tea cup, if I had such, but i heard they sell a whole bunch of them in New York city).

    its damn irritating that not all the world think and od as soaring eagle and me, will be no conflict, and we might even get borred.
    Think! gettting borred!
    I would like to know how it feels, maybe in Heaven they'll give me a try
  3. mlee27

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    beacause he has eyes

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