Talking Heads

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    (Yeah, yeah, my poetry barely rhymes, so what? Just read the frikkin thing!)

    Written by Felix Vasquez Jr.

    Talking heads on the TV screen,
    Droning back and forth,
    Not saying much beneath the words,
    Smiling fanged teeth,
    Extra rows beneath,
    Brainwashing the hordes,
    Tweed suits,
    Mindless recruits,
    Never looking beneath their words,

    Network debates,
    Conformist traits,
    Performing for the masses,
    intelligent speech,
    Catchy motto, four letter sentence,
    Reduced to stylish sound bytes,
    Strictly middle and high classes,
    Peddling for the peasants,

    Pats on the back,
    Toating their pre-written views,
    Economy, Poverty, Abortion, and Gays,
    Feed for their deification on the news,
    Megalomaniacs, dictators, thieves,
    Corruption at its whole,
    Betraying their followers strictly for themselves,
    The wings and horns grow,

    Corporate heads pulling the strings,
    Running the public rings,
    Climbing the corporate ladder,
    All scratching for the top of the rat pile,
    When the race is over,
    And the lead has won,

    The peasants are left in the dust,
    Only mindless masses,
    left to worship,
    betrayed of their trust,
    The megalomaniacs have taken office.

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