taking mdma two weekends in a row?

Discussion in 'MDMA - X' started by lolcats909, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. lolcats909

    lolcats909 Guest

    hi guys,

    so i've been using mdma for about a little over a year now. usually use every 3 months or so, the last time being this past EDC where i took a LOT of pills over that weekend... anyways, i was wondering if a week gap between dosing would be enough for me to recover and have a good, full roll that second time.

    i wasn't planning on rolling until next week, but there is an event tomorrow that im going to and am debating whether or not to roll there. i would say my tolerance is a little above average. if i decide to roll tomorrow, would taking 5htp + vitamins and such be enough to replenish my serotonin levels throughout the week before rolling at next week's event?

    anyone with advice and/or experience that would be kind enough to share some thoughts? i would greatly appreciate it!
  2. G0dm4ch1n3

    G0dm4ch1n3 Senior Member

    It will be fine.

    Source: Done it more times than I can count.
  3. PurpByThePound

    PurpByThePound purpetrator

    rolling is SUCH a farce. not only because the drugs are sketchy as shit, but because the drug is best used for a rare occasion (drug being MDMA, not shit passed off as such)

    i am pretty willing to pass off the entire scene as fuck'd and not look back - it's a bunch of kids looking for a buzz, and not anything more.

    my suggestion? find a decent supply and dont even worry about 'rolling too much' - if you get good shit you won't want to roll the next weekend - but now shit is cut so badly and with such shitty chemicals that it isn't even worth the gamble unless you have a really solid connect.
  4. rollingalong

    rollingalong Banned

    as with every drug...the more often and the more you take....the less you get high and need to up the dose

    .have fun be safe
  5. PurpByThePound

    PurpByThePound purpetrator

    which is why you see losers slamming bags of what used to be given away for nearly free, acting like idiots and crashing hard because now it's cut to hell with shitty drugs like meth

    my advice is to stay away from 'molly' and only trust your close peoples
    pressies, caps and any sort of powder is highly unreliable. be smart.
  6. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    From what I have read, you need about 2 weeks to fully recover. You will still feel the effects, but depending on how quickly your serotonin synapses replenish you may not experience the full MDMA experience.

    I've found the rave scene to have some fairly deep, interesting social practices of bonding, unity and togetherness that at it's best I've yet to experience to the same degree in any other scene. While some of it may seem childish on the surface, stuff such as holding hands and exchanging personally made bracelets, personally tailored light shows, Massages, circle dances and various other phenomena all promote values of peace, love, unity and respect. This is not even including the connection with the music some can have..

    Molly has found it's niche in hip hop scenes as well in recent years, I am not as familiar with the roll that it plays within that scene.
  7. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    Hip hop is the problem. Molly has become the gangster drug to do. It's not about PLUR, it's about getting money. The whole life style and meaning has been corrupted.
  8. Yeah, I've never taken molly...but I've rolled tons of times. Back in the day used to go to raves from 1998-2004 weekly...

    anyways, yeah, you'd be cool to roll two weekends in a row. It may or may not hit you a little less than when you're waiting a month. But you're still gonna roll. The problem is when you try to take it without waiting at least a week...
    and no, I don't suggest taking it every week if you don't want your tolerance way up but to do it once or every once in a while, don't be an issue.
  9. lolcats909

    lolcats909 Guest

    thanks for the replies everyone.

    i understand the scene has changed dramatically for some of you that have been around for awhile, and with everything that has been reported in recent news, it doesn't seem to be going into a good direction. i actually prefer pressed stuff over molly, i really don't understand the infatuation everyone has right now with molly. my best rolls i've had were on pressed stuff.

    but anyways, is there anything else i can supplement myself with besides 5htp and vitamin c throughout the week to help my serotonin levels return closest to normal? i appreciate all the feedback that has been given!
  10. tuesdaystar

    tuesdaystar Interneter

    I've only ever had molly and only from one source I trusted. I see people all the time seeking it out and turning to sources they don't know and ending up with god knows what. I've never had a pressie, but I think I'll go for one the next time around. At least they have to be professionally made. Anyone can cram anything into a cap.
  11. PurpByThePound

    PurpByThePound purpetrator

    Totally wrong. Molly has BEEN in hiphop for as long as the 'rave' scene has existed. See: Hyphy and just about any motherfucker comin out of the bay area. It isn't just about money, there are pretty dynamic artists that used to eat MDMA and not rap about 'getting money' - but then again the whole perspective is probably way different than the one you take on the world.

    My point is that the 'rave' barely exists. It is now overhyped mega-shows for the most part. Global Dance Fest and the like have brought 'raves' to suburban kiddie's front door. It used to be much more exclusive and a right to be at a rave - you have to know certain people and certain places, thus creating a buffer.

    I am not saying these scenes are bad - exactly the opposite. I'm saying they are dying out and getting flooded with shit drugs.

    So when one says hiphop is the problem, I tell you that you are dead wrong. Uninformed idiots that shovel anything into their nose, mostly at "RAVES", are the problem - you know why? Because at raves, drugs are about GETTING MONEY - not PLUR - which is some of the biggest piles of shit ever in the first place.

    Increasing the frequency of your molly intake is very dangerous - so be careful, don't be eating a bunch of that crap all the time - you WILL begin to need it to feel normal after long and that is such a sad sad sad thing to witness. After that happens, most people are burnt out on happiness and become irrational moody cunts.

    Molly is such a shit drug for so many reasons, but I guess I won't keep driving that home.

    *Disclaimer - this is not a jab at anyone here, this is my experience with people taking molly and habitual use as well as my and other first hand experiences of the 'rave' culture. I also still take MDMA from time to time - probably 2-3 times a year and decreasing - so I am not saying it is a SHIT drug - it is a shit time if you always are rolling and most of what is sold as 'molly' is actually just a shit drug. Not MDMA
  12. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    Raves have been going on since the 80's and MDMA has been the Drug of Choice of the Rave Culture since it's inception. I do agree with some of your points regarding MDMA having a different influence on some hip hop movements but the Hyphy movement got started over a decade after the rave movement launched. All the rappers that launched the hyphy movement that had been around before it were gangster rappers and none of them were talking about MDMA in the 90's. It kind of change their direction and message which I think was positive for the lifestyle but at the same time for whatever reason Hip Hop hasn't seemed to embrace a lot of the Rave Values in the same way as Jungle did, which was kind of the Uk equivalent.

    There are still plenty of raves about which are not the Cash Cow mainstream spectacles of some of these EDM festivals. Anything that can be commodified in society and marketed to the mainstream likely will and is likely to make more of a story in the news and thus more frequently discussed about. It's happened with Rock n Roll, it's happened with hip hop and it's what's happening with EDM now as well.
  13. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    It's not hard to make a pill press. Plenty of pills are bad too, so I don't know how "professional" you really need to be. But it's still easier to scam someone with a random vitamin capsule.
  14. B-Kind

    B-Kind Guest

    I saw someone shoot molly today for the first time...I just couldn't understand why they would want to but damn....he had just done some last night by ingestion so he didn't wait at all an Bro couldn't even talk for a while an was shakin like hell and said it was sooo good his eyes rolled back in his head....lol ...he told it was some good shit...Uea......My motto...don't mess with nuthin unless I dream it myself...but I only dream about it...its the only way I trust what I get...cut...for what...I don't want no cut in my shit....Str8 from tha Hive....
  15. gendorf

    gendorf Senior Member

    I was listening to the radio.... (dont ask why) and I heard "mdma" mentioned in a shitty pop tune..
  16. tuesdaystar

    tuesdaystar Interneter

    Yeah, "have to be" is a poor choice of words. The ones that I saw in the late 90s and early 2000s, quite often a nicer looking pill was a better roll (as reported from friends, I never had one), some of them were like embossed (raised up, not set in).
  17. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    Since testing kits are so easily attainable and affordable, I'd always reccommend to invest in those however from my experience I found your statement to be fairly accurate. Any pill that crumbles in the hand or has a barely identifiable poorly made out stamp is suspect. Some pills have white specks on them which often lead people to assume that It's cut with something but that is not necessarily the case.

    Many of my best MDMA experiences have been with Ecstasy pills, although I took Ecstasy for a few years before ever trying it as Molly. I also take Ecstasy sublingual which I feel tends to hit harder.
  18. gendorf

    gendorf Senior Member

    and you dont puke from the taste?
  19. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    Nope, it's really bitter tho.
  20. Delojah

    Delojah Guest

    Yeah, I've never taken molly...but I've rolled tons of times. Back in the day used to go to raves from 1998-2004 weekly... Well said its not like it used to be. If
    U prefer pressed over Molly, u didn't take Molly.

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