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Discussion in 'Gay' started by zapbran, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. zapbran

    zapbran Guest

    Hi I started dating a guy recently and he is very well endowed, he is 10 inches. hard to believe but true. I have never been with a guy bigger than 7 so this is a big step up. So far I haven't been able to take him all in...

    We have only messed around twice and have been going slow and gentle so far, but any suggestions on how to improve my ability to take all 10?
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  2. eggsprog

    eggsprog liberalobamacommunist HipForums Supporter

    alcohol and lubricant
  3. zapbran

    zapbran Guest

    Haha, I'm an experienced bottom. But this is extra long, there is only so much space in there, but i've seen vids where guys slide 18 inch dildos in like its nothing!!! how is that possible?
  4. *MAMA*

    *MAMA* Perfectly Imperfect

    Get some poppers.
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  5. Shey90-

    Shey90- Member

    Just have to hope he takes it smoothly.
    I dated a guy who was around 8" I'd say and that's the biggest I've taken but he never tried to force the whole thing in at all just about 3/4 like he knew to be careful. I know there were thrusts where I'd take the whole thing but generally he looked after me
  6. That's a nice problem to have! Seriously, good luck finding enough trunk space...
  7. lilone31769

    lilone31769 Guest

    So I'm on one of my dick benders if u wanna call it that. Desperatly ended up with a 60 year old man I met on a4a early this morning. Was in heat bad and his dick pik was great, I figure dark room from behind or reverse ride. Drift off and think of vin disel. And ofcouse he couldn't get all the way hard. :( so frusttating, and wasn't for my lack of trying, ended up just riding my 8" fleshy tone toy while I blew him. He didn't get off obvously, but stil he had great time. The only othet option I had was a guy my age with a 7.5 bit he was going to have to sneak me in his house and bend me ovet sink on bathroom eith his whole gamily home, lol, nope sorry dude, quit doing yhat a long time ago. So now after more early morning searching I found a man who claims 8.5 UNCUT! I empasize uncut because I nevet been with one before. I know they are plenty thick. And I totally bttm out at 9". Thick is great but that long and thick has got me worried about not being able to handle. Dont get me wrong, I love a big dick, and I love even more that the man its attached to it is blown away at how well I take itfor as long as he could go for. But uncut got me worrird, excited but worried. I know nice, slow, lots of lube ect,... I remember how bttming was in the beginning. I don't care what any story says about first times being amazing, no they wernt, hurt like hell, and did several times after until your hole actually changes to an opening that is accepting of cock. This guy is so hottt, body builder body, huge cock, 10 years older than me, 6'3 220, own place, lives alone and is so down for fucking my 5'10 130lb slim frame senseless all night. Oh I hope this goes well, I hope I can handle it. Now might be good time to run out and get a plug. Lol. Letya know how it goes guys! Movie/couch date at his place, gonna shower again, reshave, fast and supet douche all day, throw on my sexiest little bikini briefs, super tight jeans and a tank top and hopefully I get my world rocked finally with a promising opp for new fuck buddy comes down to just one thing.... taking 8.5 uncut.
  8. hungforyou

    hungforyou Member

    I commonly take a 9 inch thick cock. When he comes over i know what he wants and i always accommodate. Last weekend he came over while i was sleeping and woke me up with his cock trying to get in my mouth. I gladly opened up and let him cum deep in my throat. After a shower and breakfast we were once again horny and he wanted my tight little ass. Sitting on the couch he lubed me up and i straddled him. Feeling his massive cock cumming in me is beyond awesome.
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  9. Si69

    Si69 Senior Member

    I took an 11 inch uncut once - have hopes to meet him again. I love uncut cocks - probably because I'm cut.

    Just take it slow - plenty lube - take time over it and relax....it'll feel great once he's in

    Simon :)
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  10. The largest cock I've had was 7-1/2" and pretty thick. He took it slow and it was the most pleasure I've had from being fucked. I do have a 12" double dildo that I masturbate with and have been able to take at least 9" pretty easy now. I think for me taking the length has become easier over time.
  11. Cliff Unicorn

    Cliff Unicorn Member

    Is he a black person?
    Start with booze like already been stated plus drugs of your choice. Use a butt plug and enema plus lube of course.
    And pray. Good luck...
  12. Si69

    Si69 Senior Member

    Had a nice fuck last week with a guy with a nice thick uncut 9.5 inches. Was nice, hope to meet again,not my record but nice.
    Simon :)
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  13. Bijay_08_2000

    Bijay_08_2000 Member

    For the most part, I've had average cocks. One of the first big cocks I had was an Italian guy I met in Chicago. 6'4" about 250, thick burly guy with a really nice cock. He was just over 8" and was really thick. I love thick! He went easy on me, but it didn't take long for him to open me up. I was begging for it, and soon he was balls deep, grinding it into me. He was the first guy I let bareback me, and it was amazing. It really hurt, but it felt really good. I was with for several months and he fit me to his cock. I'm not a size queen, but I'd be untruthful if I said I didn't love big cocks. Lots of lube and foreplay go a long way....
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  14. Si69

    Si69 Senior Member

    I agree.....some guys can give a good fucking with small cocks but a nice big thick cock is a delight ..... esp. when attached to a fit young horny guy with staying power.

    Simon :)
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  15. Jamie28London

    Jamie28London Member

    This is definitely the way to go. Its surprisingly effective.
  16. Straight Up

    Straight Up Member

    Lots of lube and loose it up with a Dildo
  17. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    And spit all over it too. Spit on the BD

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