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Discussion in 'Old Hippies' started by granny_longhair, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. PAX-MAN

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    Back about 4 or 5 yrs ago when I was watching alot of tv I caught a news story on BBC . It was extremely interesting. I think it was The Netherlands although for some reason Denmark rings a bell. In their parliament, they were having an argument about how often a disabled person can have a paid prostitute on their disability pension. At that time it was twice a month and some people were trying to change it to once monthly. I found that extremely progressive. The argument was 'how often' not 'should they. ' >>>>>> Light years ahead of North America.

  2. Reverand JC

    Reverand JC Willy Fuckin' Wonka

    True enough. It's also interesting that there are a couple of Parapalegic Adult film stars in Spain. One is male and the other female. Their names escape me right now. I know the female one was a disability rights advocate who wanted to help change public perceptions of the disabled. She is really beautiful too.

    Peace Out,
    Rev J
  3. I have to say I don't find that pornography has much to do with the subject of "gray sexuality", or any realistic sexuality, for that matter.

    What little porn I've seen was incredibly juvenile, mostly consisting of embarassingly fake moans and male-dominated fantasies. Not that there's anything wrong with fantasies, but it just seemed silly and repetitive to me. Who actually watches this stuff?

    At the same time, I think there's an outlet for more realistic and loving erotica. Seeing people loving each other is nice. Seeing semen spurting all over young women's faces isn't.
  4. Shale

    Shale ~

    It might just be a "male thing."

    On the porn vids I have, I usually mute the fony sound track. I like seeing the cum spurts on the "money shots" but that could be my gay side. Don't know what the str8 guys' excuse is.
  5. Reverand JC

    Reverand JC Willy Fuckin' Wonka

    I was using that as an example because it is "A" depiction of sexuality. Not a completely realistic one and certainly not the only one. It's just easier to point at examples from there than from mainstream media. I actually think it is a little bizarre that "O" magazine has adult film reviews now. I'm sorry for drifting a little off topic.

    As tacky and unrealistic pornography is there is enough of an array available that a wide cross section of tastes are represented. I think that it does reflect different attitudes about sex and sexuality. And a variety of people of different ages and body types that different people find sexy and attractive. That to me is positive. It's not all exploitive.

    Peace Out,
    Rev J
  6. Well, perhaps so. My exposure to it has been limited, so perhaps I should look again.
  7. PAX-MAN

    PAX-MAN Just A Old Hippy

    Back when I was waiting for my liver transplant, I became a tv news junkie. One day they were doing a story on the increase of STD's. They were really quite shocked that the segment of the population that was greatly infected more than ever before, were seniors. They believed that the reason was the introduction of the little blue pill. Older women also weren't concerned about having safe sex as they weren't worried about becoming pregnant. So I guess the point I'm trying to make is that if you do have sexual relationships with more than one partner, you should really and I DO MEAN REALLY practice safe sex. Hopefully I've made my point and I haven't insulted anybody.

  8. Point taken, PAX. I was a counselor for 12-year-olds back in my teaching days, and this was a major topic of discussion. It would be ironic if I didn't take my own advice.
  9. Shale

    Shale ~

    Yeah tell me about it.

    How about an AIDS educator having to get HIV tests over a 3-month period because he literally fucked up and didn't do as he taught.

    However, now that I am relieved to still be HIV neg. it sort of makes me feel good that an old fart can still, stupidly succumb to passion like a young man.
  10. Reverand JC

    Reverand JC Willy Fuckin' Wonka

    I work with kids now. Gee I hope there is still a little anonymity considering some of the shit I cop to here. But man it is mind blowing the shit I hear at work.

    But it is interesting what PAX said. I also heard an AIDS activist in Africa sum up the medication crisis like this, "It is more profitable to give the white man an erection than to help the black mans infection."

    Back to the original topic. Fuck old people. Literally. Of all of the faculties that I have to lose I think an erection will be the one I miss the most and I don't believe in Viagra.

    I also read a study that they recomend that a man have at least one ejaculation a week after about 50 (I could be mistaken on the age) for prostate health. It's kind of use it or lose it.

    Peace Out,
    Rev J
  11. PAX-MAN

    PAX-MAN Just A Old Hippy

    Like I said in the thread "You know your getting old when" : You can go without sex , but you can't live without your glasses .

  12. Reverand JC

    Reverand JC Willy Fuckin' Wonka

    Actually the point I was trying to make in regards to pornography is this. It is a business. Like any business it is dictated by supply and demand. If there is enough people that want to see older people have sex than there will be people to come along and fill that niche. So there are men who want to see attractive older women having sex enough so that you have the "Mature" or "MILF" subcategories. You also have "Porn for Women" subcategories too. Granted I don't know who dictates what constitutes a MILF or what porn for women is but I do know that these are sub categories that you can find on nearly every free site.

    The original intent was actually agreeing with Granny Longhair. Love or hate porn it's there. I wasn't saying check out porn or don't check out porn. It was laying down the fact that this niche exists that isn't Barbie Dolls with huge fake tits moaning like they are seeing god.

    And to further my point there isn't much in mainstream media that portrays older people in a sexual light. It is easier to find and point it out in porn. I went for the obvious. But it seems like this trend goes back at least to the film "The Graduate". I think that the fantasy of being seduced by or seducing the sensual older neighbor or friends mom is ingrained in the American subconcious.

    Peace Out,
    Rev J
  13. Yikes. That will get your attention!
  14. Yeah, it probably is. We might be talking about two different things though, Rev. Compared to me, the Mrs. Robinson character is a hot young babe. I'm talking about much older ... at least in the 50's, but more specifically in the 60's and beyond.

    How old are you, Rev? Mid-30's, right? Not to discount your resolve, but I'm betting you'll change your mind when you're 60.

    I think it's funny that viagra and the other ED drugs are marketed to men, when it's us women who are the beneficiaries of them ... :gorgeous:

    Yeah, you need to be able to see who you're doing ... :)
  15. Shale

    Shale ~

    OMG! I was giving Raul this long massage Saturday (waiting for the drug to kick in) and it evolved to foreplay and I realized that I still had my glasses on with my head in the confines of his crotch. But I like seeing all the hidden parts up close. Gad I'm going to have to break down and get contacts.

    Also, a few months ago one of my twenty something boys, a Latino who is really into passionate kissing was working his tongue in my mouth and it was really a sensual time. Later, after all the passions had cooled and we were getting dressed to go out, he mentioned he felt plastic in my mouth. Yep, I have partials.

    Hey, I am what I am.

    (and the rest is glass, plastic, metal and drugs)
  16. I'm happy to report that no part of me is synthetic.

    Furthermore, all my parts are still in their original and upright positions.

    More or less.
  17. Reverand JC

    Reverand JC Willy Fuckin' Wonka

    I've also heard that Yohimbe tea is good for that. And it is mildly psychadellic.

    Peace Out,
    Rev J
  18. Ddoright

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    Dental Implants, Implanted lens in eyes, teeth bridges, afrin so I can breath - Take away all that and I'd be toothless, blind, couldn't breath - and by the way I blew my hearing out in my youth -- sigh.
  19. You sound like the bionic man, Doright .. lol
  20. Shale

    Shale ~

    I'm already working towards Wolverine.

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