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Discussion in 'Old Hippies' started by granny_longhair, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. Sex is another of those topics that, like death, people tend to avoid around us. There's this idea that older people have no interest in sex, as if the loss of our libido was somehow connected to the graying of our hair. And I find it especially comical that little old ladies aren't supposed to have lascivious thoughts. We do!

    It's been almost six years since my husband died and it's good to be back to my old lusty self. To my delight, I've discovered no shortage of middle-aged and younger men who think they might learn a few things from an old school marm*.

    I hope my fellow oldsters in this forum have discovered the same thing.

    * Older men too, I might add. Thank goodness for modern medicine, eh? ... ;)
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    id hit that..
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    I have found that as I am aging it really is getting better. I have always enjoyed sex and have had a great sex life but since I have aged it is even better.

    I think in part just from a total comfort on my part and also that my time is different now. So taking time to just be with my partner is more of a priority. I also have far more comfort in my own skin and no longer really give much of a crap about what anyone thinks about that.
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    well Id have to see a more recent pic but the granny longhair from years ago was definitely cute :D
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    I can't say that it's the same as at 19 - but it's still there. I look at all the old farts around and wonder if they have the same fantasies I have. Surely my dad & g'dad never thought like this.
    I do admit that sex everyday is just too much hastle and energy.
  7. Chapter13

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    you don't stop making hay till the sun goes down innit... and it'd be a shame to let all those years of practice go to waste :cool:
  8. etherea

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    Never give it any thought, just do it. Then again I suppose when I was younger the thought of my parents giving it one was a bit repulsive.
  9. Reverand JC

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    My dad had a friend who worked in a home for dementia patients. He said that they would always be sneaking off for a shag. Unfortunately not to far off.

    Peace Out,
    Rev J
  10. And isn't it a shame that so many people have that attitude?

    Our children and grandchildren had explicit instructions not to bother us if the bedroom door was closed. It was no secret what we were doing, and I sure hope they didn't think it was "repulsive".

    I would much rather they just smiled and thought ... "wow, it's really great that mom and dad still have that passion for each other after all these years."

    Oh, I'll bet they do :)
  11. Reverand JC

    Reverand JC Willy Fuckin' Wonka

    Well, think about it like this there is a whole niche in porn called MILF (Mothers I'd Like to Fuck) or Mature Porn. Even if you aren't into porn I hope it may make you feel better.

    There is something about older Hippie women. I think it is a combination of openness, confidence and joie de vive that I find attractive.

    Peace Out,
    Rev J
  12. LOL ... I appreciate the thought, but the existence of "mature porn" doesn't exactly affect me much.
  13. BlueLightRain

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    I don't think my generation is too worried about age anymore. To be honest its not going to work out in the long term with a fourty year age difference, but some of us certainly aren't against it
  14. Well, your generation (whichever one it is) is human, too. Older people in general aren't taken very seriously. We're portrayed as dottering old fools who can't remember things and who sit around and bitch about how much better things used to be.

    As with many stereotypes, there's a grain of truth in that perception, but it's far from the whole story. But the advertising industry, for instance, is in the business of reinforcing peoples' perceptions. And besides, like most of the creative industries, it's controlled by younger people. So the same old ideas keep getting pushed.

    Yes, you're right about that. "Harold and Maude" is a nice story, but it's not very realistic.
  15. Shale

    Shale ~

    Interesting thread Granny, with many tangents that I can relate.

    Like my daughter who doesn't want to hear anything about my or her mother's sexuality. This girl (42 BTW) is a throwback. Her mother was a perv like me from the sexual liberation days.

    As to the cultural myth of old sexless ppl, years ago Playboy ran this comic in each issue that featured a horny old lady always trying to snag n shag some young guy. And, when I was in my early 20s I had an affair with a 42-yr-old woman who had kids near my age. That was before MILF was a common term and I was doing it!

    I used to joke about receiving payback someday and it has actually happened, somewhat. I haven't been with a woman since my wife a dozen years ago, but have discovered there are quite a few young men who really go after us old "Daddies" (grand daddy actually - and I did one the age of my youngest grandson a 40 year spread).

    My regular fuck buddy is 33, about half my age now. Oh, I just discovered Viagra helps me keep up with the boys. But I'm not out every week trying to pick up someone. Content to just wait for some 20 or 30 something that wants to do a Daddy to come my way.

    Oh, and there are ageists around who find this whole thing (and a 60-something grampa in a Bikini or less) quite disgusting. Even on this board, from some of the young guys to one 42-year-old ass. But in the spirit if my youth, all I can say is FUCK 'EM.
  16. And I joke with my friends that I'm a "GILF" ... LOL

    Perceptions die hard sometimes. I find that younger people are often more surprised that I'd be willing to share their bed than they are surprised I'd be willing to get high with them. Interesting, eh?

    I've had one lover in his early thirties, and he always seemed quite taken aback when I knew things about sex that he didn't. "Honey, it wasn't invented last week," I would say to him.

    But of course it's not about technique, nor, since the invention of viagra, is about anything physical at all. It's about attitude. I decided that I wasn't willing to give up that part of my life, even after I lost my husband. Men with their male radar can detect a woman who's fuckable, even if she's twenty years older than they are. So I get hit on just as much now as I did when I was in my forties.
  17. Reverand JC

    Reverand JC Willy Fuckin' Wonka

    Well here's the thing. The stereotype of the sexless "Old Person" is starting to disappear. Between Oprah doing shows about sex after menopause. The "Cougar" phenomenon. Shit the whole "MILF Porn" thing just gives material evidence. Thee seems to be more and more in the media happening to discourage that stereotype.

    Not to sound like a perv (too late). They tried to pass a law in Massachusetts that stated you couldn't make an "Adult Film" with actors over the age of sixty or disabled. Even the law tried to jump on the "the elderly and the disabled can't make their own decisions or have sex" bandwagon.

    Peace Out,
    Rev J
  18. Shale

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    Some of my best porn pix I've made have been after the age of 60. (They're online for any who want to see 'em) Somehow I got more emboldened in my "maturity." Haven't done a video yet, but my FB might be up to it if we can find a camera person.

    That is so outrageous! And, I can't see Massachusetts doing something like that. Thot they had a more informed populace.

    If a physically disabled but mentally competent person wants to do porn, they have every right as anyone else. In fact, it would probably be helpful for physically disabled to show others how that can be overcome for a better sex life.

    Well, you said "tried" so apparently saner voices quashed that lame idea. Wonder what AARP's stance was on that?
  19. I had quite a discussion on this topic not long ago with the head of a nursing unit for elderly people. She was adamant that the patients under her care not have any sort of "relations" with each other.

    I was appalled that she presumed to interfere with their private affairs.

    In her defense, though, her rationale (and the rationale of the medical establishment in general) is that many of these patients are afflicted with dementia to the point of not understanding what's happening to them, and they fall prey to other patients who are little better than sexual predators.

    I'm sure there's truth in that. Still, the idea that an institution can dictate to grown adults what sexual activities they are allowed, and with whom, doesn't sit well with me.
  20. Reverand JC

    Reverand JC Willy Fuckin' Wonka

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