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    alright, so i do quite a bit of acid. Wouldn't be able to tell you how many times exactly but around 11 or 12 times. Iv only done limited amounts of tabs purely because i can usually get liquid but it is a HUGE hassle and HUGE trek lol so it annoys me. Anyway the point is when ever i have done tabs they have been fairly weak and so iv had to do a lot of them, up to 6 one night and still didn't feel nearly in the same zone as when i do a couple of drops of liquid. So pretty much my conclusion was liquid = good and tabs = bad. Untill monday night, i was on msn and my friend reminded me of his free house and that he had 4 tabs of acid for me (a group of 4 or 5 of my other mates were there as well). His room is where we tend to congragate and smoke bongs, so we have all been there loads of times and all totally comfortable with doing acid especially there. I got there at like midnight ish and ate all 4 tabs straight upfront. Not going to keep rambling about the details and stuff coz it wasn't intended to be a trip report but i tripped probably about the same as i did off 2-3 drops of liquid.
    Conclusion: I want to try more tabs lol i know no1 can provide me with any information of where to get lots of good quality tabs here but maybe someone could send me a pm or something. I would obv want a large amount and either i would trek it to u or we could arrange some sort of sneaky postage.
    Also i'd very much like to hear other peoples views on tabs as apposed to Liquid.
    Probably a long shot, but i want some more good tabs coz liquid is incredibly annoying to store. Hope to hear from someone in the near future
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    good luck keeping all the dangerous drug users off of the streets

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