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Discussion in 'Psychic' started by Earthy Mama, May 15, 2004.

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    I was wondering if anyone could answer this for me, its about all the feelings I get and the weird things that confuse me. Sometimes I hear babies crying and I go to check on my kids but its not them and I was wondering... are they calling out for me or is this not even my baby I'm hearing? This mostly happened at their dad's house which is why I wonder if it is my kids. Sometimes I feel such scary energy or I feel anger... who is this coming from? Am I feeling it because it is directed at me? Whenever I feel someone around me I get so scared, do I have any reason to be? I just always feel so uncomftble in my own house. I feel like I need to watch my back, maybe I'm just paranoid. Also, I signed up to start school soon and I keep doubting if I should go or not... so, I'm guess this is not what I should be doing in life. I'm so confused because I have no idea how I'm going to get through life happy. I'm at such a confusing part of my life and everything seems to puzzle me. I worry about so much! I wish I could find a little clarity. If anyone can point me in the direction I'd apperciate it.

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    Take care of you're kids, first of all. This does not mean not going to school, I see people doing both all the time! But MAKE SURE you're kids are alright, they really deserve to be in a good environment. Make sure they are getting enough attention and stuff, but just as important make sure you are paying enough attention to you're own needs as well. Be happy, have faith and stay motivated. Just do the right things and never hesitate to ask for help or advice.
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    Embrace the Lessons not the emotions.
    Embrace the Lessons not the emotions.

    Hi EarthyMama

    Life is choices, and sometimes the choices seem to get in the way of the life, and its living.

    I had a friend call me. She is more like my daughter. I think we both adopeted each other. She is going through some magor life changes, and find she will never be able to go back home, as home has changed its face for her forever.

    She called from Glenn Canyon Utah yesterday, and was sitting in a forest rangers station. She said there was noting around for miles. Nothing except this camper where an old man lay dying as they came upon him. They stopped, and as She went to see if she could help... he died. She freaked, and cried, and lost herself inside this utter torment for the way the blood, and empty cruelty seemed to premiate everything with this smell, and heat. Even the bugs grew still.

    She called, and cried. She asked for another way to see life, and death, and another way not to be so mixed up inside. I said to her that if she looked from a different side of things she was this mans angel because his greatest fear was dying alone where no one would know, or care. He did not dy alone, and She cared for him, life and all the lessons, and emotions that took her into deeper waters within her soul than she has ever been. We talked about embracing the choices to stop. To be there at all. To care, to set her own fears, and confusion aside just for a moment so an old man did not have to die alone.

    She found healing in the embrace, and the letting go. Life is what we make of it. Change is our constant ally, and friend, if we let him be. And lesson need not be the power lost to emotions that weaken the senses of our own growth, and higher self. We are spirit asking for awareness, and the flesh is our medium of colors that we paint from.

    So Embrace the Lessons not the emotions, and know you are your choices, and life is what you make of it. No good, or bad, or judgements just awareness asking are you being true to yourself.
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    embrace the lessons not the emotions

    u inspired me with these word also, in previous thread.
    these words entail a practice that soothes all my worries.
    I never thought I was an emotional person, until I realised my favourite pastime-worrying..is a surrender to emotions..a leash around my neck being led by emotion.
    take off the leash, run free, discover, and walk ur path
    thanks old crone ur a legend

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