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Discussion in 'Mental Health' started by Samhain, Oct 12, 2006.

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    A few months back I tried to kill myself. I suppose it was a fluke, or maybe I'm just too idiot-like to know how to do it right. I was stabbing at my wrist with one of my pocketknives, trying to cit it open. I suppose I should have stabbed harder, but the physical pain was awful. All I wanted to do is get past the emotional pain.

    I called FOUR crisis lines. And no one gave a damn. WTF is wrong with asking for help? I made it a point to write about what happened, so here's the reacted version-

    Even now, when I have talked with "professionals" about it, they don't believe me. They look at my wrist...and it's healed. I don't scar. Cannot be any more simple than that. I had a wood chisel cut my hand all the way to the bone & muscle. And I can barely see the scar. I know what I did that night. Nothing fake about it at all. But to the professionals....all the count are the bodies of those that succeeded, they don't care about IF someone lives or not. Bodies=paychecks for them.
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    I tried to commit suicide in 2014 and have had several close calls. The only thing that got me through was getting a dog. I mena at the same time I wasnt ready but a lot of the times I thought about how she would be lost without me and that has kept me from committing suicide again. Now I finally am on a medicine that keeps those thoughts at bay. So definitely suggest finding at least one thing to tie you to earth and get the appropriate help. In my case I went through several therapists and psychiatrists. None of them saw I had schizoaffective disorder until this year. Diagnosis is important with medications.
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    Sorry that you went through this, glad you're feeling better now
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    SIMBA + frends agree

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