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Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by WanderingturnupII, Jun 1, 2004.

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    Ozark...Allegheny...Wildflower...All kinds of Rainbowin' been going on. Did anybody go to any of these Gatherings, and survive? Tell us about 'em. Give this ol' hippie still stuck in Babylon some stories to help him get his Rainbow Fix...
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    howdy brother. i went to the allegany gathering this past weekend. we left "babylon" on friday and got back this morning. it wasnt a huge gathering but there was plenty of love as there usually is at smaller gatehrings. NERF was running a kitchen up there and kickin' out some dank food. there were people from everywhere east of the missinhippie. we only saw leo's pass by main circle once. there was no A camp there. i didnt even see a beer. plenty of heady green though. saturday night there was a huge drum and dance circle. we told story's and shot the shit for a while. we got some rain on monday but it wasnt too bad. i havent been to a gathering that nice in a while. lovin' you.

    ~shine on in love and light~
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    hey man, i got to go to the ozark regional for a little bit. due to car trouble i was onyl there for ONE day!! .. bummer... but it was very enjoyable. i brought my didgeridoo and jammed out with a few people here and there and played with a brother who was doing some nice throat singing. i learned a few new didge techniques also from other people and hung out for a little bit up at Oz's kitchen and talked about different stones (rocks) with a few folks. It was realyl a beautiful area.. in the Mark Twain national forest..lots of drinkable spring water right there at the site. it was really quite a scene.. with the little spring pouring up out of the earth and all the watercress growing in the pool that fed a small creek.
    i was a little bummed that the day i got there the Cheyenne man who was running a traditional cheyenne sweat lodge was packing up and taking down the lodge. i'm glad peopel got to experience that though...
    the highlight for me was playing didge for lots of people and trying to teach a couple sisters how to play.
    ahh!! i can't wait 'till regionals.. goanna get my didgeridoo muscles all whipped into shape by then heheheehe.
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    went to woldflower, it was amazing. We got there sunday and were supposed to leave tuesday but came back thursday instead, lol. Shining light kitchen crew was there, and all in all it was good, some really kind family that I haven't seen in forever was there, so that was great :) so yup yup, all in all good.

    lovin ya'll, see ya at nationals!!!
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    Sorry I missed the dij at the Ozark gathering. I was there from the day before seed camp began till two weeks later. Good news is I met my soul-mate there, and we're getting married at regionals. (Its fast, I know, but I'm 30 and she's 28, we've been playing this game long enough to know when we've got a winning hand)
    There was a lack of music there, I must admit, and I helped run the other kitchen and we served a lot of meat, but that's the Ozarks for you. One enterprising young brother got tired of our menu and started a vegan kitchen and so that was settled. Big party on the road which was mere seconds walking distance from main circle which none of us were happy with when we arrived for seed camp. In fact, the scouts and focalizers were absent until the gathering begun. we had no idea where there intended main circle or anything to be, so six days into seed camp, some kids got fed up with the lack of main circle and took the initiative. That's how it all worked. When people got tired about bitching something wasn't done, they went and did it. I vented quite a bit about the situation, but finally realized that everyone was still having a great time. Things just happen differently sometimes, and that's just how it is. Many thanks to Medicine Owl for the sweat lodge, and to the Oz kids, and to Highway and Root Digger and shit, forgot the brother's name, but the three of them ran welcome home pretty much all by themselves for over 14 straight days and got a major case of rainbow burnout. Lovin you guys. Thanks to Russelle for the Bungalow Cafe and the drum story of how turtle got the biggest drum.
    the day I left, 5 Forest service vehicles passed us going in. What happened? Did they break it up? Anyone know?


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