Surrounded By Males

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Gabino, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. Gabino

    Gabino Member

    Surrrounded by as many as 20 males, the female even encourages them to fight.
    And they do. Posturing, pushing and shoving one another, jockying for position, to be the prime escort for the female.

    In the end the largest and most dominant male usually wins, and is chosen to swim with the female hump-back whale.

    ...From a PBS documentary
  2. Gabino

    Gabino Member

    10 reads and not one comment!

    You don't find this article to be revealing?
  3. velvet

    velvet Banned

    ehm no.. it's called survival of the fittest.. you know.. evolution thingie :)
  4. Gabino

    Gabino Member


    And for precisely the same reasons human females and males do the same dances.

    Actually I think that if you add a rock-music sound track, the first paragraph of the original post sounds like a pretty good description of a dance.
  5. Gabino

    Gabino Member

    Add a Kenny G sound-track, and you get the 2nd paragraph.
  6. Hippievixen

    Hippievixen Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I can hear an Aussie accent reading this in a creepy whispery voice...

  7. Gabino

    Gabino Member

    Do you think this explains how the HUMP-back got it's name?
  8. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    I hear the usaul boring National Geographic guy
  9. grim_rebel

    grim_rebel Member

    What's revealing about it? We're humans, you're talking about hump-backs.

    Humans tend to be just a wee-bit different than, say, your average whale.
  10. i dunno... i thought it was amusing. go into a bar and just watch. i wish people in 'civilized' society would realize that their basic drives and motivations are exactly simular to that of other animals. i mean, i know we all know it... but just realize it. i honestly think it would change us, as a whole, for the better.

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