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Discussion in 'Psychic' started by owl, May 11, 2004.

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    hello. i posted this in the dream forum, bit thought i'd try here as well.
    i dreamt i was sitting with an old flame (someone o think of often, and there is somewhat of a possibility, although we really haven't spoken in several months, that we will meet up again). we were sitting on cement steps watching the sunset behind a city. there were other guys there trying to hit on me, and i snuggled close to him. he asked me if i wanted to go, and i asked if we were going somewhere specific and he said no. then i laid my head in his lap....
    overall, the feeling of the dream was very warm.
    any thoughts? old crone?
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    Hi Owl

    When you go back into the dream the energy adds symbols to something you can relate to. Loving and being loved.

    The dream was a gift from your inner spirit letting you know that as you are true to yourself and find your core and center you will be love. You will radiate with wholeness and focus. The body, flesh, spirit, heart, and soul were in union and agreement that only as you see yourself will others see you. Only as you give from a pure, and clear heart can you see beyond yourself, and where the ramifications of this will take you.

    No need to posses, or bind to you with expectations but open fully to trusting yourself, and who you are. In this place love is a gift from the other side where all things walk with light and hope enveloped into an embrace that quietly reat with a peace that is unexplained.

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