Sundance Channel wants your green ideas

Discussion in 'The Environment' started by big_idea, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. big_idea

    big_idea Member

    What's YOUR big idea to make the world a cleaner, greener place? Sundance Channel wants to know with the
    What's the Big Idea? short film contest sponsored by Lexus.

    Submit a one-minute short film featuring your biggest, boldest, greenest eco-solution. Grand prize is $10,000 to make your idea into reality, and a one-year lease of a new Lexus hybrid!

    Also check out The Green, a new block of programming on Sundance Channel focusing entirely on environmental issues.

    Contest is open now and ends April 30, 2007. See official site for additional rules and details. Feel free to post questions and ideas to this thread. Good luck!
  2. daltooooman

    daltooooman Member

    i think that people should stop fuckin chopping down natie forests heres my reasons people

    1. people only need place and evoronment to live not get pampered

    2. global warming links to this cause duhh putting the trees in to the machines wen the chopp down forests the machines let off a gas and duhh gas is harmming the ozone layer

    3. the fish people should stop killing all the fish its causing them to get extinxt adn plus as an added bonus they fuck wit the fish by fucking puting up a hunting season for fish in mateing season ,wen fish look for mates they end up finding them self looking up in a fine dinning resturaunt

    4. the birds wen people feed birds they dont realize that their draging them away from their natral enviornment think about it how bout if i explain it this way ok aliens tell us that they found the end of world hunger so we travl by space to get to their planet were going back and forth for food suddenly they dont want to give us food so we go back to earth and all the animals died and plants died cause the animals reproduce too quikly to eat them and being that fact they struggle to eat cause theirs alot of them right, right duh so since theres so many of they that they ate allthe food that they eat so plants and animals r extint now you may say "wat the fuck, how does this explain feeding animals well, if your smart youll know but the slow learners ill explain feeding the ducks animals well its amoral really :ARE PLANET HAS A EXTREAMLY GENTAL ECOSYSTEM SO YOU SHOULDNT UP SET IT

  3. Please, PLEASE change this:
    "the only scary thing in live is the thing noone cares about" to this:

    The only scary thing in life is the thing no one cares about"
  4. earthmother

    earthmother senior weirdo

    Hey, people without the capability to make films have ideas too!

    I truely believe that bricks suitable for building with could be made out of USED DISPOSIBLE DIAPERS by a process in which they would be superheated and compressed. Now, someone figure out how to do it without making a bunch of air pollution.

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