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    The sun bears down on me, hot and still,

    There is no where to run from the heat,

    The mid day rush of people, spread like eagles on the grass is over,

    And slowly the town returns to the slow, quiet place it once was.

    This is what I like,

    A beautiful, picturesque town, abandoned, with only me to inhabit,

    There is a presence, like that of a spirit who is able to make the day peaceful

    Able to make it seem as though there is a reason for the town to be still.

    The benches; unoccupied,

    The grass; deserted,

    The town wall stands alone,

    There is only me and the heat.

    The cobble stones, once walked on by many adventourous feet have been untouched for days,

    It is almost as though I am alone in this idealic place,

    Alone to explore, to search for true meaning.

    What is it that can make a place so beautiful?

    An ancient town before a surreal forrest

    Where you can hide from the menacing sun.

    This is now where my heart belongs.

    The darkness, the solitude, the feeling of amazement, that surrounds me

    Makes me feel real, alive and whole.

    The tall dark trees looming over the soft ground only allowing subtle rays of light to shine through,

    Highlighting the beauty of the mass woodland,

    Highlighting freedom, peace and love.

    Full of nature, I am here in the home of many,

    Life of all kind can be seen in everything,

    This is where I want to stay, to remain.

    This is the reason we are here, to gaze in wonderment at the spectacular beauty,

    A beauty that we can not create, but which creates us.

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