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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by TerminalMadness, May 24, 2004.

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    INTRO: A poem I did.

    Written by Felix Vasquez Jr.

    Woke up this morning,
    Wasn't feeling like myself,
    so I picked up this pen,
    and wrote down my thoughts,
    So tired of being lonely,
    so tired of being miserable,
    tried to talk to someone the other day,
    got shot down in the usual way,
    feelings of sadness and depression,
    caused me to admit to a self-confession,
    I don't want to suffer anymore,
    Afraid to find what's waiting outside that door,
    though you never took a look at me,
    I'm afraid this time you'll see,
    Can't bear the pain I feel,
    So I picked up this bottle to end it for real,
    took a good look at my reflection,
    didn't like what I see,
    can't bear to look myself in the eyes,
    No longer want to be me,
    I'm sorry mom and dad,
    didn't mean to make you sad,
    did it for myself,
    I hope you're not mad,
    Sometimes it gets too much to handle,
    no matter how hard you try,
    Can't bear to keep fighting,
    Saw my only option was to die,
    Maybe I'll be happier in another life,
    Maybe the suffering will end,
    Maybe It'll all work out,
    Sorry to tell you, that this is the end.
    I'm starting as I write,
    Unable to see,
    my tears are stifling my eyes, Can barely see,
    I love you mom, dad, and everyone else,
    Forgive me for what I've done,
    Can't stop this misery,
    I'm hating myself,
    Can't keep the pain away,
    Don't want to live one more day,
    Hope god has mercy on my soul,
    Forgive me for what I've done,
    my pain he'll never know,
    Don't cry when you think of me,
    I'm happier now, you just can't see.
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    It's hard to be happy when your dead.
    get help.
  3. Kastenfrosch

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    1. Yes, please go see someone about your problems.

    2. About the poem: the poems structure seems to be kind of naive (the paired rhymes), in this in a way contradicts it's contents, but you could work that out as a stylistic device
  4. Kastenfrosch

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    3. I believe that writing about your feelings really clears your mind, so it was a good thing to write it down, and also to share it with us since this can be a first step into open yourself and seeking for real help
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    ok so this is the most unsensetive and most loaded inapropriate thing to say ...perhaps

    but seriously man you said "i love you mom, dad and everyone else"
    excuse me, you dont love. not right when you wrote that anyway, not when you were considering killing yourself. i think you are/were too wallowed to love. if you loved you wouldnt kill yerself.

    i'm not saying you cant love. if you are able to live you are able to love. sending energy to you in hope that you stop wallowing and remember what a nice day it actually is.
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    I'm glad you didn't die... :)

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