Sucking The Balls

Discussion in 'Oral and Anal Sex' started by NikeGirl, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. NikeGirl

    NikeGirl Member

    Hey guys, I am just wondering, do you like to have you balls sucked?
    Some guys are kind of squeamish about it.
  2. Jo King

    Jo King wannabe

    Yes I do but if you suck to hard it can hurt A LOT
  3. TAZER-69

    TAZER-69 Listen To Your Heart! Lifetime Supporter

    Ditto ^^^^^^
  4. hornyape

    hornyape Member

    Licked and sucked, gently tho. Having my balls sucked while being wanked soon has me shooting my load!!! And if you have a finger spare, one of those in my bum please!!:2thumbsup:
  5. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    Personally I've never really got much from simply getting Oral to my testes, as I don't find these to be physical stimulation points in themselves. It's more a matter of mental stimulation. However, massaging them & applying a rhythmic, alternating pressure to the perineum / prostate region with the hands at the same time as giving Oral to the penis can greatly intensify the experience.
  6. jermy85

    jermy85 Guest

    Yes, it's awesome!
  7. mted

    mted Member

    No, they are too sensitive. Gentle licking is the most I can take. I'd imagine you will have to ask the guy whose balls you're going to play with, though.
  8. campbells

    campbells Member

    Oh yes, gentle licking, sucking and fingering. Its amazing:drool5:
  9. 19times

    19times Member

    It's not something I've had done to me too often, but if in honest it's not something I'm too bothered about.

    It never really "does" a lot for me. I prefer her to concentrate on other areas.
  10. I don't mind having them licked. I have had my balls sucked but it wasn't a big turn on.
  11. chili

    chili Member

    Gentle licking and sucking is good, I alway keep them shaved, nobody wants a hairy sack:)
  12. youngnpassion

    youngnpassion Member

    I also keep everything absolutely hairless down there...but YES I love it when a girl gently sucks on my balls. I personally think it's way better after she's already been sucking on me for a while. That way, my dick is hard and she can slowly jerk me off with one hand while she's got her mouth wrapped around my balls....makes me wanna cum just thinking about itttt
  13. Joshoa

    Joshoa Member

    Sure, it feels good, probably similar to having your labia sucked and licked.
  14. 6-eyed shaman

    6-eyed shaman Sock-eye salmon

    Yes I like it only when it's done gently. Oddly enough I prefer my balls getting caressed with her hands more.
  15. 20Stoney

    20Stoney Member

    Too much risk of pain.....I love having them licked while being jacked off though. That's good stuff.

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