.such grace.

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Fierce_Flawless, May 17, 2004.

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    how many times​
    will i return to that empty place​
    where the sun rises and sets​
    on the faces of my fears​
    how many days will begin and end​
    with thoughts only of our many endings?​
    my impermanance is a knife to me​
    to know you'll extend into infinity​
    and i'll be asleep, unheard​

    the grandness of you​
    transcends time​
    while your form is nested perfectly in space​
    suspended from a silver chord​
    the hand that animates you is your own​
    the dexterity of your action​
    such grace​
    it moves me to desparation​
    the edge of night is rushing up to greet me​
    and you are eternally cradled in day​

    my time is segmented​
    my faith on the floor​
    falling from beneath my feet​
    i have no choice but to surrender​
    on the off chance that ​
    you were just a dream​
    that the gossamer thread ​
    that rendered you paripatetic​
    is in and of it's own intelligence​
    unattentive, unempathetic​
    fading with me​
    into a war that is not lost nor won​
    into the sweet unknown​
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    unknown but to those few willing to traverse this abyss, to extend the inward journey outward into bliss. i dig it, oh how i dig it.

    much love :)
  3. Tamapoulialamafoa

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    i like what you write and somehow feel the desertedness of your reality
    i almost not dare whom you describe, and i'll always fear being such
    i wish you warmth and comfort and as much healing as you deserve
    but in my confusion lies no emptyness, yet full of wintershand and summers shade, i offer you my understanding, the last ones now standing to serve the holy king, of wich cynicism and idleness has not eaten
    i thank u for your poetry
    don't give up
  4. saffronfrancisburnet

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    i love the way you have shared you deep fears of love here
    who doesnt fear the lose of such a gift.....

    i love this line { i have no choice but to surrender on the off
    chance you were just a dream.....}

    to be awake and loved and loving is all we need......
    lovely open piece thank you for posting
    love n peace from saff

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