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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by _see_, Jan 9, 2005.

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    my friends i have troubles!!! i met a really cool guy while i was out shoppin 1 day...he told me about his band n stuff...went 2 1 of their gigs and it was great....a few gigs later and im fallin in love with him big time....trouble is im 15!!! i think he might be like 23 or somethin....i havent lied 2 him cos he hasnt asked my age and i would never do anythin sexual with him cos its against the law and its not fair on him...but even if i wait a like a month til my bday its still bad cos he must assume im like 18 or somethin 2 get into the clubs and bars they play in.....i really care 4 him he is such a sweet guy and i hve noooooo idea what 2 do....some of ya might say its just a crush and i'll get over it but ive had those crushes b4 and its never been like not some stupid kid....i just wanna kno what to 2 cos im stuck.....
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    its not a crush? so what is it love? i doubt it... im gonna take a guess here, all your previous crushes/experiances were with guys around your own age? if so (and im almost sure im right) that is why this seems so 'special'. because he is alot older it is a new experiance and i think it is mixing up your feelings, it is probably just more exciting then anything. im glad your not gonna do "anything sexual" with him that is very safe.

    now here is my advice, be honest with him about your age and if he is the sweet guy you say he is he wont make any (sexual) advances and you will have scored a cool new friend to hang out with!

    if he doesn't wanna hang out with you cos your age then atleast you'll know what he was really after in the first place.

    i know this is probably a bummer because im sure you'd love to make out with him etc. and i know chicks dig older guys but 15 and 23 in my honest opinion is TOO big a gap at this stage.

    but what ever you choose to do make sure it is for the best and take care of yourself! i hope it all works out
  3. _see_

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    thanks mate....your advice is a big help...i guess the reason why im really into older guys is because ive had to grow up really fast and have seen a lot in my 15 years doesnt help that i look a lot older....and that i go out giggin with my bro and sis who are a lot older....but thanks again they were some wise words;)

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