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    The original form of Trance is called Classic Trance which was made from the combination of Detroit Techno, Chicago House and Ambient.
    The early styles of Trance are:
    Acid Trance (Trance + Acid House) characterized by the use of Roland TB303

    Progressive Trance (Trance + Progressive House) typically melodic with a stronger bass, female vocals and slower bpm

    Dream Trance (Classic Trance + European House styles) characterized by piano melodies

    Hard Trance (Acid Trance + Hard House) typically strong kicks and bass and a faster bpm

    Goa Trance (Trance + Psychedelic Rock + Indian music + Acid House) the first psychedelic style of Trance and a brother style of Acid Trance because both were influenced by Acid House. Goa Trance has acid sounds, dark sounds, complex structures, percussions and indian melodies.

    Psytrance (Goa Trance + Space Rock + Industrial) characterized by sharp sounds, more complex Acid sounds, laserkicks and less melodic than Goa Trance. Psytrance is more underground than Goa Trance. Derivative forms of Psytrance are psybient, dark psy, psybreaks, full on, progressive psy and suomi.

    Uplifting Trance is a derivative form of Progressive Trance. Uplifting Trance is focused on high melodies and anthems, female vocals. Both Uplifting and Progressive Trance are considered Vocal Trance.

    Nitzhonot (Uplifting Trance + Goa Trance) the israeli psychedelic and melodic style. Nitzhonot is about laserkicks, faster bpm (145-160 bpm), complex melodies with trumpet or siren sounds, percussions, breakbeats, The style is a brother of Psytrance.

    Hardstyle (Hard Trance + Gabber) the black sensation of Trance music. Hardstyle uses stronger kicks and bass and is very melodic.
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  2. There are way too many subgenres to mention. Seems like every single artist makes up their own subgenre....

    Also I think the development of Trance music was not made from the combination you mentioned. More likely it was a gradual development, starting from the 80's electronic music or possible earlier. But like I said before, there are just too many subgenres to make sense really.
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    you spam. classic trance is exactly influenced by the three styles i mentioned. and there are no more styles of trance. today the producers mix the official styles that i mentioned. they just mix them with house and dubstep but it don't mean they are new styles. the today producers can't make new styles of trance, they only mix what already was made by the old producers of the 90's.
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    Psytrance is awesome! :sunny:
    I would love to travel to the psytrance beaches they have around the world.. Like Goa, India
    Those people look crazy! I always see videos of Goa dancers going nuts, haha

    Hardstyle is also awesome, but I think that I have to be in the mood.

    I also looove uplifting trance, especially the old stuff.

    I'm not really a fan of progressive, dream, or hard, though...

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    Psytrance is where it's at peeps.

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