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  1. psyche

    psyche fun for the whole family

    i'm having an extremely asthetically focused moment so forgive the lame posts. but here's another question: how do you describe your style? if it doesn't fit into a category (crossing my fingers) just describe what you're wearing right now or what you usually wear. oh of course including all pride jewllery (see? hah! this does belong in the gay forum...........).........?! (...............)
  2. MentalFloss

    MentalFloss Member

    Uhhh I'm wearing jeans and a red shirt that says "I read 100 books". Uhhh and brick red shoes. Normally my shoes are the brightest thing on me.
  3. Black gym shorts and a "Folking You Up since 1990" shirt from RBR. I figure why not support the cause. also sweaty gym socks and a red bandana headband....I just had vollyeball practice.

    my style...varies enormously...

    occasionally I'll feel like dressing wicked wicked feminine because it's fun - skirts and tight shirts and nice sandals. mostly I just wear sports clothes or preppy outdoorsy hiking type stuff. birkenstocks, courdoroys, flannel. very mountain-esque. I have one very faded rainbow bracelet that I only wear in the summertime.
  4. psyche

    psyche fun for the whole family

    folking you up since 1990! nice! i wanted one of those t-shirts soo badly when i saw ani, they were sellin' em and everything but i was boke (what else is new?!)

    i too have a pretty varied wardrobe. now that we're coming into summer it's mostly tank tops and pants or broom skirts. i am breaking the habit of wearing hightops since winter is over and mostly going either in sandals or barefoot now. it feels damn good with the weather we've been having lately. i like anything sparkley or shiny but i dress in mostly earth tones, i get all the flambouyant side of me out in the dance costumes i wear. har!
  5. monosphere

    monosphere Holly's Hubby

    I'm currently wearing jeans, a polo shirt, walking shoes. Plain, average working clothes. Although I AM wearing some argyle socks. Not much for the plain white. It has to be argyles. And I don the boxers. No briefs for me. It would just be too scary to imagine. In my freetime I'll be wearing sandals and some sorta loud shirt, whether it's some weird phrase or bright colors or hawaiian, it has to have a little bit of personality in it. Looking through my closet, I have to say I see more greens and blues than any other colors. I'm a cooltone sorta guy, I guess.
  6. Mui

    Mui Senior Member

    tight shirts, tight jeans or corduroy pants, chuck taylors... argyle socks
    ... gay bracelets
  7. monosphere

    monosphere Holly's Hubby

    More argyles! WOOHOO!!!!
  8. ummm today i am wearing blue denim long shorts and a burgundy t-shirt....but in general i wear three quarter length trousers sort of skater style i guess.....hoodies and t-shirts...i ahve a few gay YMCA tees and stuff and then high top allstars.....i dont wear jewellery except for my watch and an occassional sweatband
  9. Taylor

    Taylor Repatriated

    My style varies quite a lot. I went through a punky gothy phase so a lot of my clothing isn't quite... mainstream. I still prefer clothes which aren't particularly common... Also, ugly = cool. I LOVE ugly clothes. Like, I'll by a tshirt which is bright yellow and has a black and red print of a boat on the front, off centre, purely because its really fucking ugly. :D

    At the moment I'm wearing a tshirt for an israeli hippy festival called Boombamella which I went to back in April and boys jeans which are cut off at the bottom and my black spiky leather belt. If I was wearing shoes (which I rarely do if i'm not outside) then I'd be wearing either my doc boots which bright red tartan laces or my blue chucks with dark blue laces with white peace signs on them. I don't wear jewellry except for two necklaces which I never take off - one is my silver star of david and the other is a pounamu (greenstone, jade) pendant which is rough-cut and was given to me by my youth movement when I left to come to israel. I don't wear other jewellry cos I can't stand to wear things on my wrists or fingers. they drive me mad.

    I dress usually punky, hippy or gothish or just plain old odd. :)

    oh, and I have a piercing in my right ear's cartilage and plans for a tattoo on my lower back.
  10. monosphere

    monosphere Holly's Hubby

    You're gonna let me see that tattoo when you get it done, aren't you?

    I don't have any tattoos and I used to wear earrings, but no more. I've never been a jewelry type of person. The closest to a tattoo I've ever had was done in henna. I thought about it, but I can't seem to find one that I'd still want a few months down the road, so why chance getting something permanent that you're not going to appreciate later on? Of course, that doesn't mean I don't like them on other people(in moderation).
    Tams- what are you going to get? Got a design for us to see?
  11. txbarefooter

    txbarefooter Senior Member

    shorts, t-shirt and of course barefeet...

    gee, I wonder where my nic came from LOL
  12. Sunburst

    Sunburst Fairy

    Mostly hippie stuff: Bellbottoms, homemade tie dyes, that sorta thing:p

    But I have my own style I do sometimes too: Purple plaid pj pants, bright tie-dyed tank top, long cross necklace, and a tie. It was the bestest outfit:D
  13. i usually wear jeans or cargos and button-up shirts... mostly unisex type clothes. i do love retro long sleeved button shirts. :) but at the moment im wearing a red McDeath shirt (which im yet to wear into a McDonalds restaurant;)) and cargos.

    and i own a black pin-striped suit, which im very proud of :p
  14. Patch

    Patch Member

    i always wear flare jeans...and usually i tank top under a mens workshirt or a hoodie...i also wear a lot of t-shirts from like...old softball teams...or concerts (like my ani d shirt...which is my absolute favorite) t-shirts are somewhat tight...but not like second skin...and i sometimes steal my little brother's shirts...on the feets it's chuka boots in the winter and birks in the spring summer and fall...but i only wear shoes if i have to...i usually wear a hemp necklace that i made...and i usually get a shrinky sailor bracelet in the beginning of the pink one that i had got all smelly i had to trash it...i sometimes wear rings and bracelets...usually pride ones...i make my own anklets and i wear that...and yeah...i guess that's it.
  15. neckienoo

    neckienoo Member

    a little flowery tank top and a long black wrap skirt, oh and a shell butterfly necklace, and flip flops!

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