Stuck in Reno.

Discussion in 'Nevada' started by 1twotoes, May 1, 2013.

  1. 1twotoes

    1twotoes Guest

    Anyone here that wants a friend?
  2. nv_josh

    nv_josh Guest

    Hey i am in Reno too :)
  3. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    i moved up to sparks, from roseville cali, sometime along about november of 2012.
    now living in reno, since the shared household in sparks desolved a couple of years ago.
    best shared house i'd ever lived in, though i generally prefer living by myself,
    as i have been doing again since.

    i'm not really very social, though not 'anti-' either. prefer to avoid the company of alkys,
    which may be why i haven't posted here f before.
    love furrys and anime, also trains, model trains,
    and real science fiction, which is fiction about science,
    and world building. not gay but gay tolerant 100%.
    not looking for sex or even affection, though affection can be cool.

    most of things that interest me aren't here in this area,
    other then the fur and anime conventions once a year.
    the uni, has good art, science and engineering departments,
    even an arboretum, which is nice.

    there used to be train stores up here, none currently,
    and i miss the big fry's computers and store that was in roseville when i left there.

    i don't really have any strong feels for nor against the state of nevada, nor california.
    do strongly prefer the northern halves of each.

    next time i move, if there is a next time i move while living in this life, i'd like to head back up to oregon,
    washington state, or even british columbia canada.

    the forest covered sierra nevada mountains in california are where i grew up,
    and feel are where i belong. oregon was nice too, the decade i lived there in the 80s,
    and washington state would be fine too, as long as i've got my pension and my v.a.

    never had a piece of land to play with, always wished to god i did, but never happened.
    plenty of cheap land in parts of nevada, but need a car to get there and to and from groceries and even water most of the places where it is.

    california everything is expensive. oregon and washington are better for that.
    so is this part of nevada, but its getting less better and my pension hasn't gotten any larger,
    while rents have started to go up.
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  4. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    i'm not a very good hippie. i can't stand retarded alcohaulics. but i do wish everyone smoked the herb instead of tobacco.

    still in reno. still contemplating moving somewhere that feels more like what my subconscious thinks of as home.
    or at least, if it has to be a city, one with model train and computer stores.

    preferably in or near forested mountains and relatively clean air.
    and a ratio between the cost of rent and what i get for retirement that leaves me with enough left over from groceries
    to keep the computer and some other tools upgraded and maybe even go to a nice place to eat or a movie
    more then just the one furry or sciffy convention a year.

    there's also a specific area in the sierra mountains in california, though not really any one specific town,
    that always calls my spirit back, wherever else i might go in this world.
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