stray cats

Discussion in 'The 80s' started by psychedelicgirl, May 13, 2007.

  1. are getting back together, and having a concert near me in august.
    needless to say, i'm pretty excited. :D
    any other fans?
  2. gshdgns

    gshdgns Member

    Yeah, coming to Denver in August!!
  3. woooo!

    Sadly, I don't wanna pay the $84 for a GA ticket...
    darn you, zz top, jacking up the price!
  4. Yeah, they're supposedly going to being having a show at Snug Harbor here, but I will be in Florida then.

  5. Stray Cats are cool...

    Brian Setzer is a great guitar player...

    Rock This Town
    Stray Cat Strut
    Built For Speed
    Rumble in Brighton
    Something's Wrong With My Radio
    Look at That Cadillac
    Fishnet Stockings
    18 Miles from Memphis
    Rev It Up & Go

    ^ are just some of my favorite band!

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