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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by YellowOchre, Feb 15, 2009.

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    What is the truth?
    It's not them jeans thats making you look fat
    its you & if you can't knit
    don't expect to keep warm when the storms come and hit your brains
    a teddybear is no bear unless its a teddy
    and as teddy and steady as it might look
    it will be in no use when you're tryin to keep in
    shelter under you heavy desk
    'tis no use anyway this truth
    chinamen are chinamen & africans are black & cowboys are bank-
    robbers. Black is white you are me
    guitar or no guitar
    heaven is a place on earth
    and no wonder why that boy looked so happy after that brandy
    Water is eternal, the tears that old mama cried when her lad
    was sent off to die as a brave soldier and man of his fearless
    country, might very well be the tea that I'll be drinking tomorrow
    His tears are my tears, my blood is your tea
    drink it before it gets cold
    Where would we be without freedom of thought?
    Zorn is staring at me, he's not feeling well
    can't hold his pencil straight
    neither can I & who can?
    your right is my wrong an thats all there is
    "I musta lost it" he says with a grin and bends down to find it.
    "There is no truth here, can't find any!"
    thats alright Mr.Zorn
    there ain't nothing left

    Let me hear what you think about it=)

    Thank you!

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