Straight guy "Its not what you think" well maybe a little

Discussion in 'Transexual and Transgender' started by Almaraiz, May 7, 2013.

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    So I had this whole one page essay paper written up to explain where I come from and why I'm here but I decided it was to much so here I go plain and simple.

    I identify as a straight male, I'm attracted to women or more loosely the feminine. That even applies to transexual and transgender MTF women. I'm not here looking for a hook up. I'm here to learn and educate myself and come to accept this part myself a little more. In a nutshell I want to expand my social circles to include more than just Heterosexuals. I'm here to make friends.

    So Hi everyone! My name is Alberto.
  2. Hi Alberto.

    I wish this sub-forum was more active.
  3. skirk

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    Sound a lot like me.:2thumbsup:
  4. Hey, you sound a lot like me, too. Definitely not planning on hooking up (on here or anywhere) any time soon, but I do want friends. I am a male (ftm) but I don't identify as straight or gay... or bi. I'm a panromantic demisexual (if people weren't confused about terms in here before, they probably are now). Anyway, most of the people I know are cisgender and heterosexual so... I guess we're here for the same reason :D

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