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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by sweetdreadlover, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. sweetdreadlover

    sweetdreadlover TattooedRainbowGurl

    yes i am a smoker (slap my hand i know..) my question is...should i stop smoking before i get prego...or after?....people have told me its not good to stop right when u get pregnant...for the mama or i need some insight...thanks :)
  2. hummblebee

    hummblebee hipstertist.

    How long has it been since your last cigarette? My advice - make that your last, and from now on just tell yourself "well, it's been [insert time period here] since I stopped smoking, so doing it now would just be the stupidest mistake ever!" I also found it helped me to begin by telling people who really had a problem with my smoking, so that I felt like if I gave up I would've been really disappointing them.

    And quit right away! You want your body to be in the best shape physically possible before you get pregnant, and anyway there's some chance (even if you're trying) that you won't know right away that you suceeded. And don't do that "temporary" crap either. I've never understood how women can just go without for an entire pregnancy, and all of a sudden once it's over they just can't take it anymore! This is part of the deal! Part of being a mom is giving these things up so your little one can be healthy, and that shouldn't wait until after you know you've concieved, just like it shouldn't stop the minute after the bun's out of the oven.
  3. JayzzMama

    JayzzMama Member

    Humble! My friends DS did that! She quit smoking (cigs and herbs)for her WHOLE pregnancy. Then she only breastfed for a few that she could take up smoking again! WTF? Deprive your baby so you can kill yourself? Whatev.
  4. smiling_mama

    smiling_mama Member

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure its better to smoke cigs and breastfeed, than to formula feed. Not that smoking is great, but don't quit breastfeeding because of it......

    Also, its really easy to judge people for smoking, but I quit smoking when I got pregnant with Danny, ALMOST 3 YEARS AGO, and if I see someone smoking, I STILL want to smoke. I'm so addicted after 3 years of no smoking. Cigerettes are a nasty nasty drug, and I'm glad I have been able to be stron,g but it sucks.
  5. mamaboogie

    mamaboogie anarchist

    I'll admit it. I quit smoking when I was pregnant, and started up again after baby was born. I only smoke outside, and one pack usually lasts me a week, sometimes two weeks. I never smoke around my kids, and I wash my hands and change my shirt immediately afterwards. Most people have no idea that I'm a smoker. As far as quitting goes, yes, it would be best to quit now, but if you can't for whatever reason, your baby will not be affected by it until after the placenta starts to function (around 12 weeks). So don't beat yourself up over it. I'd suggest cutting back on how much you smoke, find something else to do when the urge hits. I do okay to drink a huge glass of water. By the time I'm finished my water, I often forget I wanted that smoke. Or chew on a toothpick or something like that. I have replaced my habitual smoking (like in the car or when I'm on the phone) with chewing on a Thursday Plantation tea tree oil toothpick instead.
    And yes, it is better (for both mom and baby) to breastfeed and smoke than to not breastfeed at all. But baby can be exposed to second hand smoke from your clothes.
  6. wiggy

    wiggy Bitch

    You should stop before you get pregnant - get the nicotine out of your system before you get pregnant - its better for you and especially for the baby
  7. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    You are correct, ma'am!

    I have never used nicotine, but my mom, my step dad, my MIL, my husband and my eldest dd do. All of them say, which evidence supports, that it is one of the hardest addictions to stop.

    Best to cut down as much as you can, even if you need a nicotine inhaler or nic gum or the Patch. but, even if you can't quit, it isn't the most horrible thing you can do. Just don't smoke around the baby once she is born. TRY to quit, give it your best, even use the Nicotine replacers and maybe even other medical care, as well as a Quitter's Group. But, never should one consider not nursing a baby because of cigarrettes. There are WORSE things than nicotine.
  8. JayzzMama

    JayzzMama Member

    I'm sorry if I sounded nasty. I'm just so annoyed that friends DS is not breastfeeding just so she can smoke! (and we're talking herb as well as cigs)
  9. moon_flower

    moon_flower Banned

    My mom smoked while she was pregnant with me....I come out just fine. She tried breastfeeding me but I just didn't take to it.
    She smoked a lot more while pregnant with my sister....and everything was still just fine. But, my sister wouldn't breastfeed either. I don't know if her smoking has anything to do with neither of us BFing, just thought I'd point it out.
    Both of us were carried full term (I was 2 days late and my sister was a week late). We both had really high APGAR scores. Mine were all top sister missed perfect by one.
    My sister weight 6pds 3/4onc (I think), I weighed 7pds 3/4onc.
    I'm guessing it would be healthier....but, I've known a lot of women to smoke while pregnant and have nothing wrong with baby.
  10. hummblebee

    hummblebee hipstertist.

    Sorry if I sounded bitchy in my previous response. It's just something I feel really passionate about. I have the utmost respect for tobacco as an herb, as a part of the Earth, when used properly and with respect. But it is a drug that people abuse. It is addictive, and like Maggie said it is one of the hardest addictions to break.

    ...BUT, speaking as someone who smoked like a chimney for 7 years (from 12 to 19) I know it's possible to get past it. And honestly, I think it's largely a mental block. The reason most of the people I've witnessed failed at quitting was because they had built it up in their heads as this impossible task, this overwhelming obstacle, and not as something they could DO. Really, it only takes a second of your time to "quit" smoking. All your days after that are spent doing other things, and getting on with your life.

    PS. I hope that one didn't sound bitchy too! Y'all are grown-ups, and you are free to do whatever you wish as long as you aren't hurtin' them beautiful babies! Mamaboogie, you sound like you've got it down to a science! I never would've known you smoked!
  11. barefoot_kirstyn

    barefoot_kirstyn belly flop

    I've never smoked, but I do understand that it's a hard thing to quit. Basically everyone in my family smokes except cody and opi just quit due to a heart attack a couple months ago and was tol dhe would die in a couple more months if he didn't....
    A friend of mine's midwife actually told her not to quit once she was pregnant because it would be too stressful on her body. She still did, which amazed me, but she started right back up again the minute her son was born....I don't know why...she even lives in a 3rd story apartment with no balcony, so she has to go downstairs and smoke while her babes stays upstairs all alone......
  12. SunLion

    SunLion Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Blow bubbles. No, really. You fidget, you use fingers and mouth, you're affecting your breathing- try it! Every little trick helps, and that's just one.

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