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Discussion in 'Opiates' started by murgatroid, Sep 8, 2013.

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    How realistic is it to join a methadone program and save the methadone at home by freezing it? I'm sick of paying for opiates when there is a free option out there. The only issue is I don't want to take it every day and get hooked on it. Will you have to take it in front of a doctor for a while before they let you do take home doses? From what I've read these programs are confidential, but who would have access to the record that I joined a program at some point were I to join? I've found it nearly impossible to get a script, probably from being young and not having any serious medical issues. I do have serious gastritis so I can't take NSAID painkillers so I was once reluctantly scripted the weakest dosage of percs. Could my stomach problems be milked further since I can't take any over the counter painkiller besides tylenol? Any tips, warnings would be appreciated.

    Also, how does methadone compare to other opiates? I honestly don't like dope anymore because the high is shortlived and it's so tempting to redose. If I could have anything I wanted I would go for codeine and extended release morphine. Oh and liquid morphine but that's not ever gonna happen again. A man can dream right? :drool5:


    if you can stay away from methadone STAY AWAY. I been on it for 4 years and it was the most hardest wd I've ever experienced in my life. The length of wd is sooooooo darn long! As far as high goes, you dont need much if you never did methadone before, or even if you took a break for a few weeks. I remember the first week I was put on methadone, and at only 20mg of starting dose I was HIGH as phuck! Couldnt keep my eyes open at all. It was your typical hot as hell, nodding, with that hint of nausea which you get from some good ass opiate. The high from methadone is not worth it when you think about the wd.
  3. Methadone is not worth stockpiling. Your not going to get as high as you like. Sure it will be all groovy at first. But guaranteed your going to be chasing a high that you wont find.
    I used methadone once every week or two to change up opiates and also for when acute withdraws set it. I dont think methadone is what you need. Stick to the percs for when the pain is bad.
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    Literally impossible... You have to take the dose in front of them...and most Methadone clinics require that you be on maintenance for at least 6 months before they give you any take home...and the take home they give you is literally just barely enough to get you through 2 weeks or whatever schedule they put you on.

    Been there done that.

    If you have insurance.. your best bet is Suboxone. You'll be able to stock pile TONS!


    Also... Whatever you do... DO NOT... I REPEAT DO NOT be tempted sell your stash... It will come back to bite you in the ass... Trust me.

    If you know the rules of the game..... play.

    Side note... I'm not sure how confidential these programs are.... But from what I've heard and seen... If you ever plan on joining the Military.... You'll be disappointed... Because they'll have access to these records... Or for that matter... pretty much any job that requires you to sign over your basic human rights will have access to them. It's all on record...if someone wants to find out.. they'll find out.
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    Not necessary to freeze... Been on the program for better than 25 yrs-
    Im not gonna bore anyone with mdone details..if ya want send a private message

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    My two cousins were on the methadone program and take homes were like impossible to get....if u pissed dirty for alcohol even if ur over 21 it counted as a dirty urine....u didn't get tossed out or nothing but....u sure as shit didn't get take homes.....

    I know pain management will prescribe methadone as an option for pain control.....

    I don't understand methadone I have taken it before between dr visits and 40 mg lasted me like six days but if my cousins over slept and missed the clinic they would claim to be sick just by missing a day I think they were on like 35mg doses.....and don't get it twisted lol anyone on here knows I was on hella hig doses of oxy and opana so it's not like I had a lower tolerance than they did lol
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    Not true, I know many people currently in the local methadone clinic, they get take homes right away, as long as you have insurance, it seems the self pay people have to wait longer for some reason, but the people I know get 40-60mg per day, and it comes in a little bottle, that is sealed,just like a bottle of otc aspirin is, like a piece of foil sealed to the bottles top, not sure if they do this at the clinic, or if it just comes manufactured like that. except for a couple people that I know, most of them sell their take home doses and use the money to buy what they want.

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